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nasty suprise

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Last night I took DH to his buddies so he could play Halo 3. Well when I arrived home there was a neighborhood cat in my drive eating a rabbit. All that was left was the hind end and some guts. I threw the rear into the street with a shovel and hosed the guts of the drive. I'm sure that wasn't the best way to go but it was dark and I couldn't think of anything else. A few hours later all that was left was the guts. I hope I don't find the head around somewhere.
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EEEWWW GROSS. Lets hope the rabbit wasn't a pet!! That isn't something I would like to face, and lucky for me Ziggy has never brought anything home.

Although my Auntie has had to clear a few pidgeons out of her garden
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Ewwww!!! I hope there aren't any other surprises in the morning for you!
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GROSS!! I probably should not have read that while eating something. Sorry you had to deal with that.
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eww, Awe poor bunny ! I know my Willie has been leaving lots and lots of mice around the house, and he manages to bring them home everytime he catches one And well the one day we had people here and he had one and my mom went to go get willie and his present cause he had just caught it and Willie ran from her so of course i walk down and he drops it right in front of me and looks like here u go merry christmas That poor mouse

I hope u dont get any more surprises
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Ewwww, poor thing! I once watched kitty (can't remember if it was chuckie or jazz) with a pigeon. It was injured, and from past experience, i can never catch a mouse or bird from them because they would hide under the porch and growl. Needless to say..i saw its head get ripped off and eaten while i twas still flapping.

Would've been much better had it not been broad daylight
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