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Kitten/People food... v.long

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So, I think I've found a way to solve Lola's eating problem. She doesn't like cat food!!!!

I closed her in my bedroom today without all the other cats, with a couple plates of different food.

One plate had whiskers dry,

One plate had Go-Cat dry

One plate had Felix Wet

And another had James Wellbeloved.

She didn't touch any of them. All she did was sniff them and walk away. I even put out some milky crisp treats for her but she didn't touch them either!! The others love them!!

Tonight I did the same thing.... And the same result came out of it. But do you know what was strange... My son had a sausage roll for lunch today, and being 2yo he makes alot of mess. Well, Lola was right up their cleaning up his crumbs!!!

So I let her back in the Living room and went into the kitchen to see if I could try her with some real meat. The best I could find (all the REAL meat is frozen) was some sandwich turkey. Good stuff mind. I shredded some up and she went mad over it!!! She loved it. She just couldn't eat it quick enough. I think she had been eating the cat litter because she was so hungry all the time as Ziggy barely feeds them at all anymore. In fact I've only seen her feed them once in the last 3 days.

So, My question is:

Is there a kitten food I can buy that is alot like people food? I've thought about HiLife but Ziggy never liked it and I need something that they are all likely to like. Also, ideally it would be available from a supermarket as she will be moving to my neighbours soon and I want them to be able to get it easily. Although I could get it for them.
Alternatively, is there any people food I can feed her as her main diet tat will give her everything she needs? I've considered some boneless chicken breasts but I'm sure that won't be enough.

Oh yeah, I am from the UK
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It sounds like Lola might to well on a raw diet that you prepare for her. I am not expert on the raw diet, but I would do a search on this site to find out more about raw diets
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I agree.

my Chloe didn't eat much at all and was so small...
didn't seem to be keen on the kitty food. I've since switched her and Berach over to a raw diet and she eats so well now! she's eating just as much as her brother now who is a whole pound heavier than she.
and their coats are so soft now too!
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Can anyone give me any advise or send me a link about raw diets then?
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