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Ruptured Anal Gland

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Hi Dear Friends - I just got home from the vet and had to leave my little baby. I noticed this morning that Virginia was licking her back side quite a bit and decided to monitor her today thinking it may be a UTI. Well, by about 12:00 noon I noticed she wasn't completely sitting down on her back end. I decided to turn her over to see if I could see anything and she had a huge lump by her rectum. I called the vet right away and made an appt. Well, within the hour it started bleeding and it smelled horrible. I got her to the vet right away and turns out she has a ruptured anal gland. I had to leave her there today and possibly overnight. They said they will need to put her under and completely clean the area, etc... whatever that means... I don't know. Has anybody ever been thru this? I've never had this happen with any of my cats and not sure what to expect. I'm scheduled to go out of town next Friday and I'm nervous to have to leave her after having this done. Even though that's 5 days away I'm really worried. Please share if you have dealt with this before... The vet is going to call me when the surgery is done, but I still haven't heard from her. I hope my baby will be ok
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My cat Dexter's scent sac plugs, but has never ruptured.
The important thing is that you noticed it and got Virginia to a vet.

Write down your questions to be sure that you get all the answers you need before bringing your girl home.
I am sending healing thoughts to Virgina and calming vibes to you.
I'll be watching for your updates.

Welcome to TCS.
If you have questions about the site as you learn your way around,
just click on my username and send a private message.
I will get back to you asap.
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