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NEW member, need some help here please

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I just joined today, January 18th, and I am having some difficulties navigating this forum. I wanted to post in the Bio's but could not find anyplace to start my bio.

How do we insert photos?

I amy have more questions later and I did read the tutorial thing but I am a bit lost.

Any other added info would be appreciated.

I am going to attempt a photo, but still need answers to my other questions.

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I put the jpg. Url in the space to add photo but obviously I don't know what I did wrong.
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Hi Shirrell and welcome!

Our webmaster is the one who publishes the bios for us, but right now she has some personal issues to attend to so perhaps you could hold off a bit? Instead, just jump in with both feet and introduce yourself and gradually tell us about your life as you do. If you have a website, feel free to post a link to it so we can go and see it and comment. Welcome to the board, nice to have you. I am going to move this to New Cats on the Block so you can get a proper welcome!
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Thank you "hissy".

As I stated I still need help to add photos and things.

I just joined your forum because I have acquired my first house cat. No other pets currently. My husband has always felt that cats belonged at the barn. Because I have fibromyalgia and arthritis which means I stay home a good deal of the time, he has finally decided a house cat would be good for me. I am 55 years young, and have 2 children, 3 step children and 9 grandchildren.

I do work part-time as camp hostess at a lovely R.V. park in S.E. Missouri curretly.

The new cat we are getting Monday is a 2 1/2 year old marbled retired champion show Bengal. I wanted to insert the photo here but cannot figure out how.

Her name is Jamanji's Mystifiant of Gateway. Mysti for short. I am anxious to show her off here.

This is how we obtained her. We looked over many Bengal catteries, and first decided to get a 12 week old spotted Bengal kitten when I happened upon Gateway in St. Louis. Here was this absolutely fabulous photo of her, and it said she was ready for adoption. I thought this would be terribly expensive but contacted Gateway breeder anyway. I could adopt her for $100. or if I agreed to have her spayed, my vet only charges $45. then I got her FREE. This is the route we chose instead of the kitten. We are so excited and can hardly await Monday.

I did a complete background check, and they are a great place to adopt or get a kitten.

I hope to make many friends here and visit a lot. You will find me very outgoing and friendly.

My husband and I are now full-time R.V.ers having retired 2 years ago from hotel management in beautiful, victorian, historical Eureka Springs, AR.

Hope to get to know many of you.

Big kitty hugs,
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I see 25 people have viewed this and no one has offered help. Does no one know how to use these features?

Thank you,
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Pat, I'm sorry no one was able to help you. Many of us, including me, do not have a digital camera. However, there is a computer thread which is "stuck" on the Cat Lounge forum's first page. Our computer expert is not on line just now, but I found several pages in a row about posting pictures in that thread. (There are more, but these should be adequate.) Here's the link. I hope that's helpful. The person who usually gives us computer advice is the moderator for the New Cats Forum, but is not online at the moment.
Hopefully, we can answer any other specific questions for you. We're happy to have you join us. Please read this before posting pictures. It would be helpful during this transition period.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about you and your activities.
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Welcome to the site Pat! Mysti sounds like she will be a wonderful addition to your family.

Do you have pictures of Mysti on a website? If not, you can open a free account at www.imagemagician.com or www.imagestation.com and load the pics you have on your computer there. Once they are uploaded to a website, right click on the picture you want to post here, and select "Properties" from the menu that appears. In the Properties box, select the "Location" which appears as a long web address (http://www.......) and copy that. When you are posting a reply, click the "IMG" button directly above the Reply box where you type, and paste the address in there. If all goes well, your picture will appear in your post!
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Thank you so much. I did so want all to see her at least once. I am trying it here now. Hope it works.[IMG]www.gatewaybengals.com/Ryder/wpe4.jpg[/IMG]

Well, the URL appears to be on here, so here I go.

Many thank yous.
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I do not understand the red X. This is how I have posted it and it is the correct jpg. and a small photo.

Any other sugestions?

I see others are having NO problem.

Thank you,

Trying once more from the IMG. Put in the correct URL and the phto is very small.

hummmmmmmm!! Don't get it.
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I assure you that if someone can help you they will. On the weekends, the board traffic is light and although we have many members who read posts, some don't have time to respond. Right now, we are trying to keep all photos off the board unless you use the IMG tag which you will see above your posting. In order to use this, your photo must be stored on the Internet already in a photo program. The link that Jeannie gave you will give you the information you need. Once you join their program, they give you step by step instructions on how to get your photo seen all over the Internet.

We also have Cat Pages here:

Cat Pages

You can make a mini website for your cats and then tell us the url and we will go and look at your cats. But even if you build it today, it won't go right online, as our webmaster has to validate the pages first before they go online. Our webmaster is a wonderful lady name of Anne who is going through some personal issues at the moment, so just have patience and someone will be along to help you, or you can go build your cat pages and wait for those to come online.
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This is how I linked the picture.

First go to the site with the pic on it (http://www.gatewaybengals.com/Ryder/wpe4.jpg)

Right click on the address and copy it. Then, when you come here and are creating a new post, click the IMG button, then paste the address in which you just copied.

Then, make sure you look at the total address, since many times the beginning of the address gets duplicated (ie: http: or www. gets copied twice). As long as the address is correct the image should be linked here.

Sometimes, when you see the "red x" the site you are trying to link to may not allow linking or the site is being modified by the owner and therefore the website will be temporarily not available for linking.

Hope this helps!

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There is my beautifil new cat Jumanji's Mystifiant of Gateway above in your post. Mysti for short.

My first house cat. I am so excited, she is so pretty.

Thank you again,
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No wonder you're proud of her! She's a real beauty.
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Wow, she is gorgeous!!! Congratulations on bringing her into your home, I'm sure she will be a great addition to the family.

Don't worry about having problems posting pics. It is a nemesis of many people.
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