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Trying to find a new food for Sneak. Suggestions?

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I know that's a pretty vague title. But it basically sums it up. Sneak, my almost 1yr. old kitty is sick of his current dry food.

He's eating Eagle Pack Holistic Select (chicken flavor) mixed evenly with Chicken Soup. He does get wet food, about once every other day, because he's really not fond of wet either (I've tried alot of flavors/brands on him, Eagle Pack, Wellness, Nutro, Chicken Soup, he seems to like Wellness the best).
So I'm trying to find a new dry food for him. I've actually sent messages to quite a few companies (thanks to the 'freebies' thread) asking for samples of their foods, and I've already gotten a few in the mail.

I've tried the Wellness dry on him, which he seems to like. Today I got Nature's Logic samples. The only thing I'm worried about with this food is the higher protein (38%). He's had stomach 'issues' before, and I don't want them to start again.

So, anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to stick with the higher end foods, and he can do grain free at this point (no UTI issues yet, :crosses fingers.
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Mine loved Wellness dry when I introduced it to them a few months back then discovered that they like Innova much better. I obtained free samples of 4 foods and put them in small bowls side by side. The first one to the bottom won. In my large household of cats, its hard to please everyone. I keep both Wellness and Innova out for them now.

Sometimes you just need to swop out foods until you find what they like.
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Orijen is a good grain-free food, as is Prairie Raw Instincts. Innova and California Natural, Felidae and Solid Gold are others (not grain-free) you could try.
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There is nothing wrong with high protein... but watch the fat
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Well, I gave Sneak a tiny bit of the Nature's Logic tonight, and he threw it up.. guess that didn't sit well!

Sharky - The reason I was concerned about the high protein was because I had tried him & Toby on Evo and it didn't agree with their stomachs (even after a gradual change).

Guess I'll have to try some different foods now!
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EVO is VERY VERY rich...

if looking at higher protein and fat .... see about limiting it to a food with one or two meat sources and no more than two starches/ grains
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Yeah, I just realized that the Evo is much richer.

He seems to like the Wellness foods.. so maybe I'll stick with that until he decides he's sick of that again .
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There are so many foods available, and I guess it depends on your budget.
If you feed that food that is available only at one retailer, they control the price, and that is why I had to switch my girls off of California Natural. It got too expensive to feed.

I now feed Nutro, as all petstores carry it, and it goes on sale frequently.
I feed Nutro Natural Choice regular (simple food) and Nutro Max Cat (as preventative measure for UTIs).
I think they like Nutro Max better taste wise.
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