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I have a question about static.

I have a humidifier, but it does not seem to help. Every time my kitties come to be petted or touch anything they get a shock. What else can I do?

I was not sure what forum to put this in.

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The few things that can cut down the static are to use bounce dryer sheets with all the linen in the house, you can also use the bounce dryer sheet to wipe the kitty with. Another thing you can do is give your kitty's a fish oil suppliment in the winter. It helps to keep the skin and coat static free
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I'm sure I read once that Eddison did experiments on the static electricity from cat's fur.....
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I try to stay "discharged" at all times by touching walls and counters as I walk around, which lowers the chance of me shocking myself, my hubby or my cats. When one of my cats gets totally staticked up (by rolling around on a velour blanket, for example), I discharge them safely by petting them with slightly wet hands. This works for people fur (hair), too, like when you take off a winter hat.
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Thank you for the advise, I will try them both. I feel really sorry for them (all 5), even when they play with each other they get "shocked".

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