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My fish and birds.

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Butterfly Kylene, my normal grey female, 2 years, 3 months old. She's such a sweetie. <3 Sometimes, she doesn't talk, but she...chatters. She never makes any noises I can understand, and she chatters rarely, but it's halarious and SO cute. Also, when I shake my head and say "no" to her, she'll usually shake her head once, really quick. It's so silly.

Ky's mate, Amante, who is a suspected lutino split to cinnamon, 1 year, 10 months. He doesn't -talk-, either, but he does a pretty good car alarm, and mimics some of my whistles. He also mimics the noise Ky makes when they mate. He's such a creep, sometimes. XD He loves taking showers with me, too.

Sulfa, my young, small DDR crowntail. He bites his own tail when he gets stressed. =< He also really hates his tankmate (they share a divided 10 gallon tank), and flares at her quite often. I'm sure he does this because a couple of months ago, she beat him up when their divider was broken by one of my cats.

This is Sulfa and Moonie after I had to move them out of the tank with the broken divider. Sulfa was so mad at her that he flared at her almost constantly for a couple of weeks. =3 Moonie looks like she saying to me, "Moooom, he's making that face at me again..."

And there's Moonie herself, looking cute as always. She wanted a lil something-something with the other male (whom I recently euthanized), just after I introduced her into his tank (divided, of course).
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Your bettas are amazing!

And you birds are so cool!
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Thank you! =D
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Awww what beautiful birds and fish. Thanks for sharing your pics with us
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Beautiful birds!
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Those fish are really pretty! The birds are too..nice fin and feather family
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You have beautiful fish and bird, I used to have a grey cockatiel(sp) Mickey he loved to say "Mickey is a pretty birdy" and whistle, he was so much fun,
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that's some pretty looking fish, & your bird's are cute aswel
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Wow great pics of the fish Really clear images. The birds are beautiful
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How do you euthanize a fish?
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Beautiful fishies and birds!
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Are your birds evil!?! My sister has one and he is a jerk once he's out of the cage, you can't get him back in!!!! They are both very pretty though!

Your male betta is gorgeous!!!
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My first pet bird was a lutino 'teil. I love them. Have your 'teils ever had chicks. Pretty Bettas too.
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Your birds & fish are so pretty Such beautiful coloring
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
How do you euthanize a fish?
That's what I was wondering... and why?

They are beautiful animals.
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