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Keeping kittens off counters...need suggustions (or a miracle).

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I've got two, ~5 month old kittens that have learned that they are now big enough to jump onto the kitchen counter. Which, is not the healthiest thing for us, or them. We keep all food off the counters and don't keep anything "tempting" (cat food, toys, etc) up there, but the kittens just seem to want to get on the counters just in case there might be something for them to play with or eat.

So far we have tried two things:
1. Double-sided removable tape around the edges of the counters.
2. Getting onto the cats (making loud noise, etc.) when they get on the counters and we see them do it.

Neither of these things have worked...
1. They just jump over the tape, or step off of it onto the non-tape center of the counters.
2. They jumpt down when we get onto them, but then are not deterred from getting back on the counters.

So, what are your suggustions? Whatever the solution is, it can't be expensive, be permanent, or hard to maintain....as we use the counters a lot for cooking and storage, so it needs to be easily removed when it's time to use the counters and easily redone when we leave for work in the morning or go to sleep at night.

I would appreciate any ideas or information you can give me! Thanks!
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This thread has a few suggestions:

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The good news is that it's very doable, and shouldn't cost you anything. I wrote an article about it a while ago -

Hope this helps
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here's a training alarm, only $30 and you can put it anywhere...

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Thanks for the links and suggustions. I'll check them out. That alarm sounds like a great product (although I wouldn't want to use it while sleeping).

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in my kitchen, we have florescent lights over head with white covers. the white covers have pionty things on the back of it that kinda hurts if you step on it (it doesnt hurt alot, just feels uncomfortable). ive heard that if you take those and put the pointy side up on the counters, the cats wont like the feel of this and will stop going up there. my cats like the counter, but i dont relly care that they go up there lol, i always use a cutting board anyways and wash the counters alot.
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the poster above has a good idea... you can buy cheap floor mats for a car, they arent that expensive, and put them face down onto the counters... the grip, or prickly side will probably feel uncomfortable to them, and maybe theyll stop going up there
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Thanks for your help!

I will be looking into the car mat/ floor runner thing in the near future.

My sister-in-law has one of the vibration activated alram thingys that I'm trying out now, BUT, the kittens aren't heavy enough to set it off! At least I don't think they are...we'll see if it goes off when they jump up there on their own.
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as you can see, i have no answers

good luck though!
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