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Newest update on Echo

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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to update you on Echo. It appears that she is getting over this nasty infection! Today was the first day since Monday that she's been playing and social with everyone. I took a look at her sore little bum...and it is no longer red! I was so happy...I cried! That little girl worried me sick this week and I'm so happy that she is getting better. I'm still giving her the antibotics and putting a bit of cornstarch on the area...so it looks like what ever I'm doing is working.
OH...MaryAnne, I looked for some Bag Balm and the ingredients listed petroleum...so I didn't buy it. I thought that maybe there are more than one kind of Bag Balm, but this was the only one I could find. Since I talked with you the other night, I haven't put anything on it except for the cornstarch. The skin looks SO much better...it's not swollen or red. It's just a nice shade of pink (My Vet told me that was normal...but at this point I don't believe too much of what she's told me!).
Also, I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and your caring words. It meant so much to me...more than words an express! I love you all and I feel very lucky to have you all as my friends!
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Good to hear she's feeling better!

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Great to read this, glad she is better now!
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Wonderful news!!!!!
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Great news! I am glad Echo is feeling better!
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So glad Echo is doing better! That had to be so uncomfortable for her.
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I'm really pleased Echo is feeling better. Her sore bottom sounded most unpleasant - poor kitty.
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I've been wondering how Echo was doing. Glad to hear the update.

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So relieved to hear this Michelle! I'm sure Echo is relieved, too!

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I'm glad she's getting better. I had to track down the other thread to get the full story, you had quite a rough week. I'm sure Echo will be happy when you don't have to rub anything else on her.
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Glad to hear things are better
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I'm happy to hear that Echo is doing so much better. Now the two of you can have a much deserved relaxing time!
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Boy, it sure was a rough week! I'm so glad it's over with...hopefully all of my little furry critters will be happy & healthy from now on!
Thanks for the great support from all of you....I don't know if I could have made it with out you!
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