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Nervous mommy

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hey everyone I just dropped David off at the dr to get nuetered and I'm so nervous. Please everyone pray for me and him he went in like a trooper but me i'm a different story. Thnx guys Donna
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Sending get well vibes that everything goes well.
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Ohh my boys are due to have that done this month!!

Lots of coming your way
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Aw Many prayers and vibes that everything go well
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Awwww I know it's so hard to leave them Many prayers and vibes that all goes well
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Ty everyone,youre all so awesome. I know its such an everyday procedure, but hes my baby boy and I love him so. Hes also getting a mcrochip as well, while hes an indoor cat for $30 its so worth it. luv ya all God Bless Donna
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bella so sorry to hear about bella is that him in the pic by your name???
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Originally Posted by catzrule40 View Post
bella so sorry to hear about bella is that him in the pic by your name???
Yes that is Bella...She is a girl Thank you very much for noticing, she is/was very special.
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bella ty so much David is now home and lazying around a little but he is doing well. thanx everyone for all youve done i was a nervous wreck 2day, i just had something to eat couldnt really eat while he was getting his surgery. youre all so awesome!!! thank you so much. one more question how do i prevent or stop him from licking his incision??Donna
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He will lick some you just dont want him to do it excessively. Sending more vibes to him
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So glad David is home...he will be his old self in no time at all
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Pami and bella ty to both of you!!!! He wants to play!!!
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3 of my boys all went on the same day and one of mine (Kiko) was playing from the moment we got home. He had me so nervous, but he was ok really.

As Im sure David will be too.
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hope everything goes well! I'm sure it will be fine
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heres another update, David is doing great he is laying on the futon perfectly content he is still a lil mad at us he wont let us pick him up as of yet. but Pami he was playing with his toys and chasing his laser pointer. He also was microchipped 2day. Cant even feel the spot where his chip went in. Also he hasnt licked it much just a few times when he first came home, the incision is very small I hardly can notice it. Luv ya allDonna
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Oh thats great, Donna Contined prayers for your little trooper
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