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My Poor Harry........

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As I mentioned, we're just back from a week away and Harry spent 6 days in the cattery. We picked him up yesterday morning and since then, he has either spent his time on my lap, on top of my chest, or crying until I pick him up.

I expected him to be a bit lonely but he's breaking my heart!! Also he has had diarrhoea since he came back. I rang the vet and he said it's due to the change in food (in our rush out we forgot to bring the food he likes with us last saturday but the guy in the cattery assured us his food was top quality) and to monitor him. He's drinking plenty of water and I'm feeding him small amounts to try and get him used to his food.

I don't think I'm EVER going on holidays again
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give him A LOT of hugs and care

hope he gets well soon


i think i'm gonna cancel my vacation
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Awww Poor Harry. Bless his heart, he missed you!
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don't worry, he'll get better soon. it definitely is the food change giving him diarrhea.

He's lovey because he doesn't want you to go away again. When I picked up Stoli and Luxor from the boarder.....oh my they wouldn't leave me alone. Stoli broke a plant pot, it dropped on our wood floor and ruined it. Luxor broke a glass. They yelled at us for leaving....
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He has actually settled a bit more; I can sit down without him being on top of me straight away! They really make us suffer for going off enjoying ourselves; how dare we!
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He's probably just trying to make you feel guilty! Cats are great at doing that. Mine are always a bit clingy after they've been at the cattery but they are fine while there. It's just their way of punishing us and making us feel bad for leaving them He's just missed his meowmy.
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I have a single co-worker come stay with out cats while we're away. She's great with them and they do well with her. However, they're still clingy when we get back. Makes me realize how much they love me!! Your kitty just wants to make sure it's a long time before you go away again.
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Thought I'd update....

Harry is finally acting 'normal' again today; he has even bitten my nose once or twice! I'm so relieved. He's 95% back I'd say.

And I never thought I'd get so excited about cat poo but this morning was the first non-diarrhoea since he came home! Yay!!!
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