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is people food safe for my kitty?

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I just adopted my first kitty, Bogie, and am thrilled to have him here. He loves having breakfast with me and sticking his nose in my dish to see what I'm having. What people foods are safe for him? On the flip side of that, what is an absolute no-no?

Thanks for the help!
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Give this link a try

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Just be sure you give your cat meat. Sad story on Animal Precinct tonight, an elderly woman who had multiple cats in her apartment was feeding them rice and granola only! The woman was a vegetarian and it took awhile for a concerned citizen to call about the conditions of the cats. Several of the cats after they were rescued were found to be blind from the vegetable diet that they were fed. The missing vitamin they needed was taurine.

I feed this to my cats steamed squash as a treat with olive oil dribbled over it, they all love it, but it is not their steady diet. I feed wet food and dry now, as my vet told me of a new study that shows dry food only can cause kidney problems in some cats. I do not feed table scraps simply because I don't want cats in my plate.
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Oh I saw that last night. Absolutely horrible. It was a taurine deficiency, which can be obtained in cat foods and meats. There are also supplements you can buy.

Cats can have people food if it is good healthy snacks. Fruits and veggies, meats. No onions I believe. Small amounts of garlic. Limit tuna.
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I don't know if this is true or not, I've gotten varing reports for differnt people I know, but I've heard your not supposed to feed cats (or dogs for that matter) Chocolate. People tell me they feed it to their animals with no adverse results, but I for one just don't want to take that kind of chance.

I was wondering if you have a link to the information about dry food only? My cat has CRF & all she would ever eat was dry food. On a few ocasions I tried to add wet food to her diet, but she will not touch the stuff. Just curious about the information.
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People food is a treat in our house!

Cooper looks forward to these times!
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rang? I would try adding catnip to the wet food (organic catnip only) and see if that works? I will look up some links on dry food and post them later for you.
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I've thought of that, but I'm afraid shell just roll in it as she has never eaten cat nip, she just likes to roll in it.
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