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I think my thermostat is shot!

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We've been having problems off and on for a while with our air/heat. It will turn off for a few seconds and then turn right back on for a minute or 2, and then off again. Usually we just change the temp a tad and it stops.

Well tongiht it wouldn't stop! Even when I turned the AC off! It just kept going! It was blowing like lukewarm air at that point. So I eventually went and just flipped the switch from our circuit breaker. Even when I did that it took a few minutes to turn off. I'm thinking whoever wired this house didn't do the panel right either because stuff other than the furnace won't turn on right now. Yet there is a lable for where those lights are.

Of course this happend after DH was in bed and all Hardware stores were closed. I'm guessing DH will be buying us a new thermostat tomorrow. Something like this happend once before and buying a new thermostat fixed it. Actually that was in the winter of 2003-2004. I don't think it was a cheap thermostat either....
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That's weird, I just posted a thread about almost the same problem. Our central air started putting out hot air, and didn't stop even after it was turned off. What kind of unit do you have? We can't get anyone out to fix it until Monday, but he says it probably is the valve that switches it from cool to warm malfunctioned and needs replaced. But, ours is a special unit that comes with mobile homes.

Let me know what you guys find out about yours because if it's something my husband can do easily that would be great!!
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Every time I've had this problem, it was a problem with the furnace or blower, not the thermostat. You may need to have your heating/cooling system checked out.
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We are also in a mobile home.

DH talked with a guy at the hardware store and he said it sounded like the chip inside the thermostat went bad. So far the new thermostat is working fine. We just had some work done on the furnace last fall because of a recall. They inspected it then and it was fine. I'm keeping my eye on it though.
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Ok it wasn't the termostat. Today it started up again. Not like Friday night where it would not stop, but still. I'll be calling around tomorrow to see about getting it checked out. Foo... At least I've finally got my unemployment coming in. But still. I just paid a big medical bill from my whole eye thing in July/August.

Not sure who to call. I think I'll start with the company that serviced our furnace when there was a recall on a part. I don't know if the fact that we've got a mobile home affects things.
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