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Poor Loki!

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I had to take Loki to the vet today because I found bloody, mucus-y diarrhea (I know, ew!) in the litterbox today. It turned out to be clostridium bacteria in his belly.

I'm not sure how he managed to pick this up, since cats can get it by eating rancid meat or eating garbage. My trashcan is in a cabinet with a child lock on it (because the kitchen is small and there's no where to put it except underneath the sink with the cleaning supplies, and Loki can open this cabinet!), and I don't eat meat that often and when I do I immediately throw away the scraps.

Anyway, now I get to give him liquid amoxicillin! Yuck! Apparently they gave it bubblegum flavoring and it's bright pink! Loki is really easy to get into the carrier, but he hates being in it, but he was not a happy kitty! But he was so good at the vet. It was pretty funny. He's extremely curious and was exploring the room we were in. Fortunately he didn't break anything (I was watching him), but he did knock over the trashcan.

He was rubbing himself all over the vet and purring, and afterwards while the vet and I were talking Loki flops himself down and lays on the floor! He so different from Possum, who has been to the vet about 4 times and only is just becoming brave enough to look around the room.

Loki doesn't seem like a lovebug at all, but when he wants to be he is very sweet and loving.

Loki's doing fine tonight, and should be all right within 2 days, but it totally freaked me out this morning!

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Poor thing! I am so glad it is something that you can help with medicine. Praying he gets better soon.
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I'm glad Loki is feeling better!

How long do you leave the wet food out? You should throw out what they don't eat in an hour. It's possible that's where he picked it up?
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I was wondering if that was it, though I do try to not leave it out for very long.

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I'm glad he's feeling better. How is he with taking his medicine? I always wondered why they flavor cat medicine with bubble gum flavoring....shouldn't it be tuna or fish??
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