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New Forum!

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With so many literary talents here, our Gaye has suggested a new forum where members can post their poems and stories or discuss matters of literature.

There are two moderators for this forum - Gayef and Blue, so come on and post to keep them both busy
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I have absolutely NO creative juices, but I will be around to enjoy everyone elses work.

I do get creative with the fun little smiles and stuff. like this guy :jarswim:

okay now i have embarrassed myself.
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AP; You are so creative. How can you say you are not. Wierd, YES, but also a great storyteller. Tell us more Rock 'N Roll insider stuff or just talk more about Sting!(never can get tired of Sting. . . . )

:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: a little of the wierd pinky sisters in your honor.
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like a cookie

wish i could take a bite out of you.

golden hair and beautiful smile.

an english accent like the icing between chocolate wafers.


i am a cold glass of milk.

dunk your oreo in my depths.



I am the biggest idiot in the world
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Wish I could send this anonymously to Sting for you, that would serve you right, AP !

He would l-o-v-e it I'm sure.

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I have no literary talent......but fell in love with this bumper sticker.

Lost Husband and Lost Cat.
Reward for Cat!
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Debra; That bumper sticker sort of sums it all up. . . . . . . . . . . .

Another favorite of mine:
Woman Driving This Vehicle is Under the Influence of Her Cat!

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i would wish to know more about this 'new forum'.. for.. 'literary talent'?.... (am not sure i HAVE 'talent'.. however.. a poem i posted in 'literature forum' received most 'warm positive' comments for me.. and i DO so thank those who did!... ).. and yes.. i AM just an 'amateur', although i HAVE had a few things published.. (for free) before... i have since posted another 'offering' to 'cat site' under the id of 'gata_amore'......

please?.. if i am 'overstepping any bounds, or stepping on any toes'.. tell me?..... it seems that.. people who are 'cat lovers'.. (and members of cat site).. are.. 'in touch'.. and 'understand/enjoy' the.. 'in-depth' of others.......

i do thank you for allowing me to post the 'writings' to your site that i have so far...... and.. yes.. would like permission to do so again, as.. it surely makes me feel good that.. some in this world... 'appreciate and understand'....

thank you.. to all here at 'thecatsite'......

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This is a wonderful forum; and everyone should come here, if only to read all the threads!

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Since I met my newbie friend (TLK) through this site she has encouraged me to post my poems...I am a little nervous but here it is...By the way TLK welcome home!!!
This poem I wrote in memory of my parents.


Only for a moment, just to see your face,
only for a moment, the pain would be erased.
Only for a moment, to talk and hold your hand,
only for a moment, then I would understand.
That I can't live on moments, when you mean so much to me,
so for this moment, I'll wait for eternity.
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