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hello everyone. just want to introduce myself and my eight kitties. hope to get to know everyone soon. I have eight kitties, all rescued who share my domain with me. for a long time i called them my magnificent 7 but i rescued one more just before xmas and now "Its Eight is Enough". I live in a mobile home so I have reached my limit. Here goes
1. Marlboro-l/h orange tabby--my special love
2. Raymond-l/h main coon--aloof
3. Chance-s/h beige/cream tabby--born to feral cat--does not see too well(all the inbreeding)
4. Tess-s/h tabby--i call her my abby-tabby-she has a abby attitude.
5. Zadie-grey/orange Calico--rescued off the mean streets
6. Peggy Sue-Tuxedo-what a face-black spot on end of nose
7. Sammy-Brown Manx-he is the little clown cat of the group.
8. Mattie-brown tabby--newest rescue-sweet and lovable.
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Welcome to all of you. I am looking forward to hearing all of the antics I am sure these guys bring!!
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Thanks Sandi-your right about that, Marlboro is doing his best to keep me from typing this reply. He is kissing my face as i type...trying to reach the mouse to finish this--see ya---lol
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Oh Marlyone, I am so glad you have joined us!!! Your cats sound adorable!!!!!! I hope you will feel right at home here!!!!
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Thanks Debby---I am sure I will---I hope to learn alot about the folks here and their lovable cats...we sure do have our love affair with our cats and oh the stories we can tell!!!!!
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And we can't wait to hear some of your stories!!!!
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