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I got 2 Gerbils!!!

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After a week of thinking about it, I picked up 2 gerbils. A black one and a white one. I think (hope)they are both female. My cats are very interested. They are so cute! I dont think my husband is too thrilled with me. Now any name ideas? I havent had gerbils since i was a teenager.
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i had two gerbils one white and one black i called them ying and yang
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ohh i like that. Best ive thought of so far is salt and pepper. Or snow and smoke lol. Im not very good at comming up with names.
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Congratulations on the new gerbils!
I had two black ones named Chocolate and Brownie.
Maybe you could name yours Chocolate and Vanilla or Cream and Cocoa?
Do you have any photos?
You have to get them the runabout balls to roll around in.
My gerbils loved rolling around in them and one of them would even try to run over my cat Samantha's tail and paws.
She was always good around them and is good with my hamster now too.
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Yeah i just got the basics today ($80 worth). The only cat im worried about is our newest one cooper.
He snuck outside the other night and brought us home a present (a bird). It was dead although he didnt eat it.
The other cats are not really paying them too much mind. He is trying to figure out how to get in though.
I just got a 10 gal tank with a locking lid. They love the wheel. They have the t.p. roll already halfway gone. And the food bowl is burried.
So i think they are happy for now.
I really hope I sexed them right. They are young so its kind of hard to tell.
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Well the first night went good. I put the cats in the bathroom for the night where the cat food and litter box is. I am more worried that the cats will knock the tank off. I am not sure if they are strong enough though.
The t.p. roll is gone. I put in a kleenex this morning to see what they would do with it. They have already started to shred it and making a bed with it.
My husband is not speaking to me. He isnt really happy I got them since he thinks they are rats.
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I used to use unwaxed, uncolored cupcake paper as food dishes for my gerbils.
They'd eat and shred.
Pretty inexpensive treat/bedding for them.
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Most gerbils hate the run-about balls and they end up trying to chew on them. It would just be a waste of money. Try checking out http://gerbilforum.proboards21.com/index.cgi

Congrats! Gerbils make interesting pets. I love my two girls <3
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Congrats! How about Ebony and Ivory or Day and Night?
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