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Elastic or Breakaway Collar? Harness?

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Hey folks,
Well Im preparing for a cross country move with my six kitties. I already bought a few collars and prepared myself for a screaming psycho kitty but none of them were bothered in the least by the collars, same goes for the harness, it was so weird but awesome! So Ive been wondering if the breakaway collar or the elastic kind is better, either way I feel pretty nervous about them getting a paw stuck up there or getting caught on a branch or something awful happening. So anyhow, which do you think? The two I have are breakaway but I have four left to buy. I also have one harness, its a Size Right dog harness (I have to get dog ones because my cats are big, had to buy the 14"-20" girth) but its got this sort of...disk thing on the top that sits on their shoulder blades and the buckles seem to be right behind both elbows so Im thinking its not gonna work? Any suggestions? Also, Ive read all the posts I could find about traveling with pets but if anyone has any advice I need it! Im going to check out the rescue remedy site and see if the stuff you take under your tounge is the same product you rub on their ears (I thought there might be a spray or something else) thanks guys!
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I tend to perfer the elastic collars. I've bought quite a few breakaway ones for Ziggy but they just got lost because all it took was a good scratch around the neck for them to come off. Ziggy has ended up with her leg up through her collar a few times (It was always tipical that the breakaway one would come off when that happened.) The elastic stretches and doesn't obstruct her movement.

I don't have any advise on harnesses or travelling with pets though, sorry
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Advice on travelling: make sure the carriers you buy are airline regulation approved if you'll be going by air, and buy the travel kits available at the stores that sell carriers. Make sure the carriers are large enough for your cats to stand, with clearance, and turn around, but not so large that they'll rattle around (airlines do have turbulence from time to time, you know). It's helpful to contact the airline well ahead of time and find out their exact regulations and accomodations, because they do vary; and if you're travelling internationally, you'll need your vet to give them the required innoculations and certifications within the time period required. Your vet will know about these procedures.

If travelling by car, I'd follow all these steps except the certification/innoculations, and whichever you're doing, line the bottoms of the carriers with the liners provided in the travel kits, and then, with foam (you can buy this cheaply at "big box" stores, as it's commonly used for making pillows, chair pads, etc. and sold in sheets packaged in plastic) cut to fit, for your cats' comfort. Always attach the feeder/waterer tray(s) to the inside of the carrier door prior to travel. If travelling by air, you'll need to lock all of the bolts on the carriers in closed position, and all of the points of egress will need to be wired shut after your cats are in the carriers, with light-gauge wire that is easily opened once they arrive, but firmly fixed for the flight so your cats can't escape into the cargo hold! I spray Feliway on the foam lining the carriers just prior to travel; this really works wonders in helping cats stay comforted and serene during the trip.

I'd recommend cat-specific Figure-8 harnesses if you're going to use harnesses, and personally, I like breakaway collars.

GOOD LUCK and safe journeys!
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I prefer breakaway to elastic collars. Harness I like Roman Style dog harnesses like this one
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I'd never use an elasticated collar. They are very dangerous. If they get stuck on something they can get their paw stuck in it. I've known cats have to have a leg amputated as a result. They are just not safe. Breakaway collars are much better (as long as they really do break away). Yes they will come off, but that's the idea.
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I prefer the breakaway collars.
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I prefer the breakaway collars, too, because it's too easy for a cat to get a leg stuck in an elastic one. As far as harnesses are concerned, I use an "H-shaped" dog harness for Jamie, as he can twist out of the figure 8 ones in a second or two.
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Thanks guys, breakaway it is! Think they'll give me a discount if I buy bulk? lol, thanks!
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I bought mine at Target for 3.99 each. They are "Safe Cat" brand.

Sorry for the lack of a dollar sign. Apparently the numbers on the top of my keyboard are not working this morning. Nabu must have walked across and hit a random button again.
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breakaway.. I use three different styles but the safest is the H style in cat ... Petsmart carrys the up to 20 inch( i use it on my dog)
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