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Kittens Are Coming

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Willow went into labor a few hours ago and has already had two kittens, both orange/white, tho I haven't sexed them yet ... Her first kitten was out around 1:30 p.m., the next followed only about 10 min after. The kittens came out easily, it was getting the placentas out that was the problem. I had to cut cords on both of them because they were fully out but still attached to Willow via the placenta. The two kittens seem healthy and are nursing, however, no more births in an hour and a half She is quite large, still feels lumpy, and these kittens are kinda small, so I'm sure she has at least a few more to go.
Right now she's in her kitty whelping box, shivering. Still no more kittens. About how many hours without another birth should I wait before getting her to the Vet? I don't have any E Vets I could get her to should something go wrong after hours ... And if she does need a c-section or other Veterinary treatment, approx. how much does this usually cost?
So, for anyone reading this who thinks having kittens is going to be a load of fun, ITS NOT. This is my mother's cat, and the stubborn woman would not have this cat spayed, now we have a possible problem. Its just not worth the aggrivation ...
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Oh goodness, well congrats on the two kittens and I think maybe a vet visit is in order? I have no idea what the long delay between birthings could mean.

On a side note.... >_> while you're at the vet you could have them go ahead and fix her. I'm sure your mom won't notice when Willow has kittens all over her belly.
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On a side note.... >_> while you're at the vet you could have them go ahead and fix her. I'm sure your mom won't notice when Willow has kittens all over her belly. [/quote]

Good Idea
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congrats on the 2 kittens so far!! but wont the mother stop producing milk when/if the vet fixes her if you take her there?
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Don't worry too much about how long she is waiting between kittens, so long as:

She isn't straining,
You can feel movement inside

Congrats on the kittens. Can't wait for pictures
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Just to update ... I started sitting with her after 2+hrs had passed since the last birth. I'd called the Vet who advised me to bring her in if I could see her in labor or distressed, or if another hour passed with nothing. I'd been going in to check on her periodically, but apparently, Willow wanted me right there. Because only a few minutes after I came in, she went into labor again. I knew something was definitely wrong with the way she was straining - I've never seen anything like it. She was pushing so hard but the kitty seemed to be stuck. Unfortunately, after 10 min of this hard straining, we had a kitten born dead I tried to save him, but I think I knew as soon as he was out that it was just too far gone to be helped ...

As soon as the dead one was out, she delivered two more live kittens, one is mostly black with a white chin/chest (he's also the runt) and the other resembles Willow, who is a hodgepodge of grey/brown/orange, lol.

Please send out good vibes, prayers for these kittens. Although I am frustrated that Willow was not spayed (and yeah, this isn't happening again - if I have to pay for it myself, I'm having this cat fixed soon as the kittens are weaned) I have to admit the timing for these kittens were perfect. They are going to have good homes & will make some well deserving people VERY happy! So I do hope they continue to thrive so they can have a great, long life.

I will see if I can get pics posted & thanks for the advice!
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So glad all is well with Willow and the kittens after such a frightening experience for you all. Hope you post pix and names soon. It is good that you already have homes for them, and that Willow will be fixed as soon as it is possible.
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