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A few things about Bentley

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Hi Ya'll ,

Hope everyone is well and all kitties are doing great . However , I do have 1 curious question and 1 GOOD THING !

The good thing is that Sir Bentley is using the litter box regularly and is drinking fluids . And that I've found out that He's ticklish on his tummy !
I went to brush him on his tummy today and he acted like a little child , nibbling at the brush and wanting to play .

The curious question I have is this:
I noticed when he yawned ( 2 days ago), that his upper left canine was broken . It doesn't seem to bother him as he eats very well , both hard and soft foods , however my query is this......WHY didn't the old Vet mention this , I would think he would have , but he didn't .
Mind you , this is the Vet. that I basically trashed , I guess that in itself speaks volumes . But Bentley is 2 years old and I'm thinking that perhaps the old owners kicked him and broke it ? I think this b/c I know they abused him...
He's too young to be having this prob , Ya know ?
I didn't notice it when I got him , so , I'm kind of at a loss as to how he could have managed to do this ?

By the way , I measured his hair cause it was , well , I was having to pick it out of my teeth *LOL* and it measured 8 inches in length...........WOW , talk about a job ahead of me....I don't mind though , He's going GREAT !

Thanks ,
Rebecca P.
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Moving this to health and nutrition for you.
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Hmm, well what about the last vet you brought him to? The better vet?
Normally something as obvious is that, is noticed by the owner, sot he vets figure you know it's there and no need to mention.
But I suppose some vets would also ask you what happened to it.

I've had cats with missing teeth before. Other animals with broken ones. It hasn't slowed them down one bit, or caused them any problems. Other then one cats tongue sticking out a lot. =p

Does the tooth look happy? If your worried, just call the vet, that's all I can say.

Glad to hear he's doing better.
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Thanks for responding to my post.

Yes , the one I took him too was my old Vet. and normally he would inquire about such things as that but He didn't . Hence my curiosity about this tooth being broken all of a sudden . The tooth looks fine and he's acting normal and such . Just wondering what could have happened is all , if my Vet suspected ANY kind of neglect he'd personally call the authorities. He's that much of an "Amimal Acivist" per se'
Maybe he was assuming that I had already had it checked out or was having a very busy day . But , none the less , he normally would ask anyway .

Hmmmm.......I just reread my post and I see that I failed to mention that he was taken to my OLD vet.......Sorry , my bad !
I made it seem like I brought him to the jerk vet . Sorry about that .
I was kind of in a hurry to get the mail done etc...

I will keep an eye out for anything amiss and definately call the "GOOD DR." if anything should arise . Hopefully all will be well though .

Thanks for your time ,

Rebecca P.
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My cat, Ivo, also had a broken canine when I first took her in (she had been a stray, and probably broke it in a fight). At her first vet's visit, they noted it but didn't think much of it, since she was eating and drinking OK, without any pain or discomfort. The vet marked it down on her chart, however.

Several months later, I took her to be spayed and to have her teeth cleaned. It ended up she had already been spayed, but when they cleaned her teeth, they found the crack in her canine went up into the gums. It wasn't bothering her at the moment, but the doctor decided it was best to remove it right then, to prevent any future pain, infection or discomfort.

I'd ask your new vet to keep an eye on the tooth. They may decide to remove it before any problems start, but I can tell you Ivo's had no problems since her tooth was removed (except for an occasional Elvis-like sneer). Good luck with Sir Bentley!
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Thanks okeefecl ,

That's some very sound advice . I will most definately talk to my Vet. about that . Come to think of it , the initial Vet . did say something about having to have Bentleys teeth cleaned . Soooo , this makes my realize that He must have done this at home . Otherwise that vet would have told me something about it being broken , don't ya think ? He was not a very competant Vet . but , I would like to think he'd have at least mentioned it to me . Now , I'm really baffled as HOW he could have broken it . Something to ponder about , I guess.....
The preventative suggestion is really a great idea. I would not want anything horrible to happen down the line , of course , so I'll check into it ! Thanks

Rebecca P.

Love the "Elvis" sneer thing......what a riot !
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