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Newly Diagnosed Early Kidney Disease

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My beloved kitty (and first cat) who is just turning 10 years old was just diagnosed with kidney disease. He had blood tests showing low protein and albumin. His urine tests show he is losing a lot of protein in his urine. His kidney enzymes are still normal, but given the amount of protein in his urine, there is no question he has considerable kidney disease. (His urine protein/creatinine ratio is 2.1).

We are going to start meds and my vet also recommended a low protein diet like KD. Does anyone have any other diet options or opinions besides KD?

Does anyone have any other personal experience with glomerular kidney disease - kidney disease that usually starts with protein loss before elevated kidney enzymes? Any input on prognosis with this type of condition? I have always thought my kitty would live forever and this makes me so sad. I know some kitties can live years with kidney disease, but I also know that this amount of protein in urine is a little unusual and associated with a higher mortality. Any hope would be appreciated! Any diet help would be appreciated!

I have read the great links and "sticky" on this site too! Thanks for the great resources!
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I can't help you but I wanted to wish you the best in taking care of your kitty. There are several people here who have experience with kidney disease and I'm sure they will be along soon.
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I have mainly experience with chronic renal failure (crf) but do have one kitty who has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and is treated for the high urine protein/creatinine ratio that he had with Benazepril - it has brought it down to normal.

If this isn't a medication that your vet has yet prescribed, you might want to ask if it would also be appropriate for your kitty.

Tippy also had rather high bp which the benazepril was not enough to control (it also helps with bp) so is also now on norvasc.
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Although I am not familiar with this specific kidney disease, I have 2 kitties with CRF.
For support alone, members here are invaluable.
My heart goes out to you and your kitty Michelle.
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THere are many diet options... see these threads for possible help and ideas to help


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