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Happy Halloween!

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Eee! I want to put those on my kittens! The bumble bee one is adorable!!!
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Oh my goodness how precious
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Trick or Treat!!!! Those are adorable
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That bumble bee is great ! adorable!
I've already been warned by both DH and the felines that costumes will not be tolerated ...
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Oh how cute
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I adore the fuzze pompom antennas...but I'd watch out if I were you, your ladybug is giving you some pretty evil death glares!
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AWWW i LOVE those costumes!!! Where did you find them? That little lady bug err..kitty, looks just darling Haha and you gotta love the little bumble bee!
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I got the costumes at Target, they were on sale too!
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Too cute!
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Awww! Great photos. Your kitties are very patient to put up with a complete costume!
And absolutely adorable!
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Awwww, they look adorable! I love the costumes!
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They both look adorable in those costumes.
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How darling is that?? I'd never get my cats to wear costumes.... hmmm maybe I'll try!
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They look thrilled to have those on! They are adorable! I especially love the second ladybug picture.
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