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diabetes and suspected cushings

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My friend's cat Tom has been diagnosed with diabetes. Hes not having a very good time with it and has had hypos (or hypers?) several times. They can't seem to get his insulin level right and are now thinking he may have cushings also. My friend has looked on the net for cushings in cats but can never find anything. Does anyone know of any good cat health sites or links on cushings or diabetes which she can look at?

Also as its diabetes controlled with injections (twice a day I think) can it not be controlled with food? Shes been told he needs food all the time. She puts cows milk out for him but I wasn't sure whether this was the best thing for him. I'm sorry I don't know which type of diabetes Tom has. Hes stayed at the vets a couple of times, the vet took blood tests regularly during the day to see if they could stabilise his blood sugar but never could hence thinking of cushings.

Any advice?
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Here are some sites on Cushings in cats:

These are just a few I found. As far as the diabetes, Tosh has diabetes. He also is on insulin twice a day. Yes food does make a difference in it. I do not think food is needed all day though. I was told that I was to feed him in the morning then wait 10-15 min. and give him his shot and then feed him again at night and do the same thing.
Cows milk is not good for cats to have all the time. I would stop giving him that.
Hope that helps some.
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My Eric has a tendency towards high blood glucose although he has not been diagnosed with diabetes. So far I've been able to control the BG (blood glucose) with diet. Here's a link to a great site about feline diabetes. It's especially helpful if your friend wants to try to improve her kitty's BG with diet.

And here's another good site regarding feline diabetes.

I would agree that cows' milk should not be given to cats. Many cats are actually lactose intolerant. Cows' milk may cause diarrhea in these cats.

Good luck to your friend in controlling Tom's diabetes.
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Diabete s and cushing s seem to go together in cats... MY VET just posted a article in a area paper about cushings... I have a dog with it so feel free to PM ... I will say it is harder than CRF but not as bad as I thought... Currently I am awaiting FDA approval to obtain a european drug
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Thanks for your help

What alternatives can he have other than cows milk? I asked why he didn't have water and she said that he didn't like it.

Because his food is always down hes gaining weight and hes a big cat anyway. He kept having hypos because his blood sugar dropped so I assumed they kept food there for him so that this wouldn't happen again.
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He really must have water to keep his kidney function as normal as possible.
Perhaps a pet water fountain might entice him to drink.
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I agree with the fountain.. or try multiple glasses of water thru the house ...

cat milk ( made for cats )
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