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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
I just bought 576 cans of cat food, plus another 3 kg. of dry, for one cat! Let's see, that should be enough canned food for one year, seven months, since he only eats one can a day.
Where do you make such big purchases? Surely not at a store, I doubt they keep that much in stock.
And what happens if your cat decides he no longer likes that brand or flavor? Mine would do that to me if I tried to stock up on cans.

I'm pretty lucky with dry cat food, currently I have around 100-120lbs of dry maxximum nutrition(or similar formula but different brand name) for the two outdoor cats. Occasionally I give away dry food to my dad or to a neighbor, but that's mostly to keep any from expiring (don't forget that food expires when stocking up!). And for Sho and Tomas, I have 50 lbs of castor & pollux.

I really don't have a tendency to hoard or even consider hoarding animals. If you can't give each one equal attention, then you have too many.
I do however hate throwing things away. If I can fix it or 'might' need it again then I keep it. Bits of paper, ribbon, string, wire, fake plants, it's all sorted and stashed away somewhere.
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Now that I look at the pile of people food in cans, I think I buy too much for all of us

I need to practice a new mantra "food is not love or security"...seriously, I have some mental tests I do to make sure I'm not turning into my pack rat mother:
1) can I still see where the floors meet the walls
2) how many piles? could I get rid of them all in a day's worth of cleaning (answer must be yes!!) especially with magazines and newspapers...
3) why do I have the urge to go out shopping? Is it because I actually need something or because I'm bored and anxious
4) would I be embarassed by my house if a non family member just stopped by? (once again answer must be no!!)

As they used to say on Saturday morning TV...knowing is half the battle...
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Three years ago we did`nt even have 1 cat....then an old neighborhood Mama cat dropped a 6 week gray tabby kitten off on our front porch. We fell in love and adopted Toby.
A few months later, in the spring, when I started being outside working in the yard more, I`d feel sorry for him sitting in the window watching me and we adopted a 'brother" for him....a yellow tabby kitten the same age...Tedy.
That was going to BE IT !!! 2 cats were "just right'.
Then this summer we took our son`s year old beige tabby, because he was not home enough to spend the time he needed to with him to train him not to scratch everything up....and he was talking about DECLAWING him !!!! We took him and named him Tawny. (He`s doing just fine with using the scratching posts....he was no trouble at all to train)
Now 3 is most certainly enough cats for us, with food, litter, and vet bills, not to mention toys and treats which my Hubby is constantly bringing home.....but I do find myself eyeing that darling 1/2 grown calico that keeps coming into our yard to hunt.......Gotta keep telling myself "No No No...Look but don`t touch!!!!" :-)
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Where do you make such big purchases? Surely not at a store, I doubt they keep that much in stock.
And what happens if your cat decides he no longer likes that brand or flavor? Mine would do that to me if I tried to stock up on cans.
I'm probably familiar with just about every online supplier in Germany. I live in a small town, where there's basically no selection of cat food, and have an 8 1/2 -year-old cat with food allergies. Thus, I started ordering online. I volunteer at the local cat home, where some of the cats have food allergies, too, so I started ordering for them. I've gradually added friends', neighbors' and colleagues' cats, so I get free shipping and quantity discounts from just about all the suppliers, plus lots of free samples and cat toys! I often get free bags of cat litter, too.

Jamie doesn't really like canned cat food, but this is one brand (organic, all meat and/or fish, or with at most 1% rice, in the small cans he demands; unfortunately, it's only available in Europe) that he's guaranteed to eat, and they have lots of different flavors. My husband has been known to steal a can or two at times - the food is that good. If Jamie gets sick of it, I can just buy something else for a few weeks, because I know he'll go back to it. The offer I got was for cans with a 2009 Best By date, but when I got the consignment, all the Best By dates were summer/fall 2010, so it won't be a problem if my picky cat decides they have to go into "temporary retirement".
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I don't know what I am. I guess I am a hoarder and without the intervention of my SO, who I am just now realizing loves me and is not trying to ruin my world, I realize I need his guidance.

When my mom passed it got pretty bad. I remember as a kid seeing my dad's home and his almost 100 tvs piled on top of one another [he used to own a tv repair shop, among other things] and there was this joke that he wasn't 'bad' because he was neat [or so he said] So without TMI I will just say besides other stuff I have to work on, after mom passed, I got to a point where I had so many bath and body works stuff, so much so one year I gave new bottles to my coworkers, and then there were the lipglosses and lipsticks, I hated to part with them because I knew I would have to get more. and then there were magazines and records, and the dolls. I called myself honoring the bond between my mom and me by getting dolls of my childhood [ebay is bad for a hoarder] gee, I don't suppose I needed 1200. I still have them packed away, but try not to think of it until my SO will probably want to spring clean.

And now I have my kitty kat. I would never have dead cats in my home or unsocialized cats, I would love them all. I would. Sometimes, when my boyfriend puts his foot down to my three saying he and I would have to get sep't places if I wanted more, I sometimes think I would. How wild is that, all of a sudden I am a cat lover, willing to leave my man for more cats. Cause one is never enough, I was a siamese, a pointed, a tortie, a funny face {like black nose, white body...}, maine coon, orange, white, black,...

In my mind it just goes on forever, so I try to enjoy photos and leave it at that. as far as I know there are no meds for hoarding, just cognitive therapy, I am medicated for bp.

Thanks for listening, ladies, I will live vicariously through you all. and be at peace. I only have two arms anyway. I don't think I could love more than 3, and the third was pushing it...

I heart you all.
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I honestly don't think you're any worse than the rest of us, lol!

I just bought 6 cases of 5.5 oz cans, 6 cases of 3 oz cans, an 8 pound bag and a 4 pound bag of renal cat food. In my garage there are fourteen, 28 pound buckets of cat litter, and three in the basement (I stock up when it's on sale.) In the furnace room I have about a bushel of catnip bunches, hanging from the ceiling to dry. I buy the sparkley pompoms at the craft store in bags of 100. In my tiny 1,000 sq foot house, I have 3 cat trees, three window seats, and 9 assorted beds and cozy cubes. I also have an entire cupboard dedicated to different renal failure medicines, IV bags & lines, needles, syringes, brushes, nail clippers, Feliway, Advantage, pet toothpaste...the list goes nauseum!

We don't have a sickness. Right? It's normal behavior. Right? I don't see a problem. Do you?
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Originally Posted by dorabella's mom View Post
I don't know what I am. I guess I am a hoarder and without the intervention of my SO, who I am just now realizing loves me and is not trying to ruin my world, I realize I need his guidance.
It sounds to me as if you are in a very good state of mind about things. With you already realizing that you have a propensity to gather things, and with your SO to help you along, I believe you'll be fine

It sounds as if you'll make a wonderful caregiver to a reasonable sized cadre of kitties.

But if you do find yourself feeling bad about not being able to take them all in, relax...most of us feel the same way
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Not a hoarder.I tend to get into a hobby and spend tons of money on it then deside I really don't like it then give away or sell most of the stuff.I hear this can be a part of my illness(I have bi-polar).I do alwas have alot of cat food(canned and dry),litter,and treats on hand.If I think I have to much I just donate some to the local shelter.Thankfully I have my parents to stop me for getting out of control with money to often.My last 2 obessive shopping times were my short hobby of video games and short time as my little pony collector.
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Thanks, everyone. There are just so many beauties. I will just love what I have, well not JUST love, but love completely. There are so many colors, patterns, lengths, and textures. I will kiss my babies, hug them time, and listen to them when they say, "Mommy, you CAN'T have ALL of these BABIES and STILL have time for me..." They're right... two is ideal, three is puuuuushing it a little, four is just the absolute last straw...

I have three
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Hoarding tendencies are definitely present in my family. I remember my Grandma's house having a path (she went to rummage sales, estate sales, and auctions all the time). My Mom is a paper keeper. She doesn't file, shred or toss. It's all there in boxes.

My DH has really helped with the paper collecting tendency of mine. My other tendency to collect things has manifested in a positively ridiculous amount of cat toys. It turned out to be a good thing when Lola walked into our lives. My first experience having a kitten! She's crazy! But she plays with all the right things, very rarely gets into something naught. My DH swears it's because she has so many toys to distract her. Before Lola came along, I donated gently or not used at all toys to the shelter pretty regularly. I also have a giant pantry of canned cat food, and bins of dry. But mostly because all 3 are eating different dry foods right now. One of which they decided is "icky", so I have to try and find a different "regular" food for all 3 to snack on between meals (Lola is still getting kitten dry and Nabu is trying out RC Active Mature). I think our shelter benefits from my cats spoiled rottenness.
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I can relate!

We have 2 cats. I can't afford more right now. In the future, I would love to have 3 provided that we had a much larger house. My SO doesn't want more than 2 though. I am hesitant because of the stigma that comes from owning multiple cats...which I shouldn't care about but I do. I want to be a rescue home for cats in the future because then I get my fill of new kitties but it would only be temporary.

I feel horrible for even admitting this, but sometimes I wish that cats had a shorter lifespan so I could share my home with more cats. I probably won't have a new kitty for another 15 years and that makes me kind of sad.

I have a ton of wet cat food and dry food. I have an irrational fear of running out I stopped buying cat toys a long time ago though, because I have way too many. I have a ton of cat dishes too...though I threw a few away recently. (I justify this because Matilda's chin acne requires a clean dish for every meal). We have a pantry/closet with an entire shelf of wet cat and dog food (my SO used to make fun of me for buying so much wet food at once but now he's the same way with his dog, lol). I have about 2-3 weeks worth of wet food. Another shelf of the pantry has two large bins for dry food (cat and dog). Then another shelf has two baskets with cat toys, dog treats, grooming products, medicines, etc.

I have an aunt who *is* a can't walk in her house. She has this gorgeous expensive house filled with tons of 'stuff', there are little aisles going from room to room. She buys and buys and buys. She also has at least 4 cats (and 2 dogs and 1 human son). She needs a professional to help her...not a professional organizer but a mental health professional. It's been a problem for years and we've tried but you can't just force them to throw everything away and start over because the problem habits don't go away. Her pets are all well-cared for as far as I know (except she makes the 4 of them share 1 litter box, I have no idea why). They eat premium cat food and are indoor-only and have a zillion cat trees and water fountains. Her cats aren't rescue cats though, most of them are from a local backyard breeder. She's not an animal hoarder, she's a 'stuff' hoarder.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
But...I am a hoarder. I can't help it. Right now, I have enough dry cat food and enough wet cat food to last a MINIMUM of three months for each cat.

Oh - and them there are the cat toys. I have more than 150 furry mice in the house, and scores of catnip toys, dozens of wands, at least three laser pointers...

Do you think I need professional help?
lol that ok i buy about a month or 2 worth of food at a time for them (in fact some women in line complained about all the cat food i was buying)

and my fridge sounds like about yours, almost empty

however you do not have enough cat toys, you need to go out and buy 3 new toys for each cat
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