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What was I thinking?

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When I got a kitten? I think it was something like: "Ooooh, she is soooooo cuuuuuuuuute...the wittle baby! I must have her!"
I must have been brain washed!

Nope, never crossed my mind that she would be a demonic devil-cat!!!!

Darting through the house, being an attention-whore, making my entire living space into her personal playgound/pig-sty!!! And last night, I wake up at 3 in the morning and hear her clawing at the door like crazy!!! (At the time I was so sleepy I just remember thinking "why is the cat climbing on the walls?) But, that was pretty close to the truth.

But at the end of the day (or in this case, the next morning) when she cuddles next to me and purrs...I still love her like she never did anything wrong.

BUT, next time I will know better than to look into a kitten's eyes...

(right )
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And that is why I shall never ever get a kitten!
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Ah yes....I think we've all been there

They are worth it though

Next one for me will be an adopted adult for sure though, I want to rescue one
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Been there, done that several times now.

Loved every minute of their kittenhoods (okay almost every minute), but plan to adopt an adult cat the next time around.
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in my life I have adopted 5 older cats and had 3 kittens. The older cats can be just as big of a attention grabber. Sibohan is the last adult cat I rescued and she knoacks things off shelves, climbs the walls and meows in the middle of the night because by me sleeping she think's i'm ignoreing her. (this is more common around the time change than other times of the year)
Their attention grabbing ways all seem to depend on the cat's personality in my experiance and not the age of the cat
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but kittens are soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!
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Try that with 5 more kittens added to the mix, growing up together and bouncing off the walls.

Good thing they are so cute.
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LOL! I've never had a kitten... I've always adopted adults... & perhaps I always will
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Ginger was 8 weeks old when she adopted me, and I remember having the very same "What the HECK was I THINKING?!?!" thoughts shortly after I brought her home.

Ferris was around 14-15 weeks old when I brought him home, and that was a great age to start with - very much a kitten, but much less the boundary pushing, gotta test EVERYTHING terror that my sweet little Ginger was.

Penny came to me at close to 2 years old. MUCH nicer integration.

But I can never say never, for I fear there may be more kittens in my future...

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