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Losing sleep!

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I adopted a cat a year ago from the pound. They were not really sure about his age but guess about a year at the time. He really is so good all the time.


Early in the morning (around 3) he lays down on my chest while im sleeping and just purrs away. Then I wake up to his face, to my face. I usually just pet him till I fall asleep or move him off of me and roll over.

Now he is about 20 lbs and I wake up barely able to breath! lol.

It is so strange to me why he would do this? Why he would use me as a bed every morning? If any one knows anything about this I would love to know something! lol
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Awww, I wouldn't complain, your cat you! They are so much more affectionate than humans, huh?
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I am in the same club. Opie is 20 lbs and HAS to get his pets once a night (3am) AND everytime before he eats!
The Good Life!
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He wants breakfast - how can you even question it :-)?
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He just loves you and wants to be close to you. Don't punish him for this or anything, but just push him off next to you. Show him another comfy spot on the bed or under the covers or something.
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He just wants to be close. When Bella does this, I gently relocate her right next to me on the bed. She's now pretty much gotten the idea that I want her to sleep next to me not on me.
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When one of mine do that, I just cuddle them gently and roll on my side. They will usually stay and get their cuddles and loves.
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Awww...he loves you. I had a Maine Coon (big girl) do that..I just put her next to me and she eventually got the hint.
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He loves his Mommy
My Elliott is around 17 pounds and he just loves to jump on my chest so he can get cuddles.
I just wrap my arms around him and like someone else said, roll on my side.
He'll then just stay right beside me a fall asleep.
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You are his mom now and you make him feel safety.
My babyboy do that same. It's not easy trying to sleep, when someone is purring next to you. But it's impossible to be angry with him
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Almost all of my kitties do that too. I don't mind so much when they're kittens and don't weigh much but when they're bigger it's kind of uncomfortable! I just gently set them next to me, so they can still be close but not so close that they're suffocating me.
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TWEN - GASP! - TY pounds? Pant, pant, pant! My Choochie is under TWELVE and does this to me! He wakes me by gazing into my fade and purring, while sitting on my chest!

Little Walt on the other hand PERCHES on my hip! and I can roll 180 degrees, and he log-rolls, right along to the other hip! Pretty good pet trick, huh?
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My 15 lb George does the same thing - at about the same time!! What is it with cats and 3am?? First he has to knead my stomache which is what usually wakes me up, then he lays on me and kneads my hair and pillow. I've gotten so use to this that I never fully wake up and go back to sleep when we're done with our "cuddling" session.... Good thing he's so darn cute!
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3 am - yeah, that is my Butzie. But I may also be us. At that time we are usually deep in sleep or just about to be and I think (not a scientist) that our sensative cats know that. If I wake up then, boy does she want to play, but if I am dead to the world so is she. I guess if I am awake anyway, I don't mind. As for sleeping on you, Butzie is about 13 pounds. She doesn't sleep on my chest, but she will sleep on my hand,arm just to let me know she is in charge of who is leaving that bed. She is just adorable! Getting a picture posted soon.
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