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Worried about tomorrow

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Hi Everyone

I am having a worry, Dexter my kitten (6months) is getting neutered tomorrow and although i am nervous about leaving him alone and terribly worried he is going to be scared, i know it has to be done and i have faith in the vet and also know i have to be strong for Dexter.

The thing that is making me worry is that we feel better using the vet near my family home as he has known Dexter since we got him (he is registered with another vet for emergencys near where i live in London) however, we dont have our car at the moment so we are going to have to take Dexter by taxi and then by overland train, door to door the trip will take 45mins at the MOST 1hr. He has done the journey several times before and is fine with it, actually almost more fine than by car! The big question is What do you think we should do after the op? is it best to stay at the family house for a night or is it best to travel back and let him rest in more familiar surroundings? He is going in at 9:00 in the morning and we collect him at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Please let me know what you think i so want to do the right thing.

Many thanks Anna and Dexter

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I would take him home to be in familiar surroundings.
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Yes, I would take him home as wel, as long as you feel comfortable taking him backl. He will most likely be a little drowsy when you pick him up so he shouldn't mind the trip back. Calming vibes coming your way . Your little boy will be fine.
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Hello again,

Thanks for your advise and calming thoughts,we just got him home about an hour ago, he did stress out a bit on the train as he has a little cone on his head and in his basket i think got a bit claustraphobic! Apart from that and feeling a bit spaced out he seems ok although he was so hungry he wolfed down the whole sachet of wet mix i gave him (didnt want to give him any dry for fear of him straining) do you think he is going to have a problem going to the loo later today should i give him any more food or will it make going to the loo hard for him? I know these all seem such simple questions but having not had a cat before and this one being like my child i do worry! The other strange thing is that i was told he would probably be very sleepy, he hasnt stopped running around since he got home. The nurse said she had never seen anything like it, about half an hour after the anesthetic he was climbing the bars, putting his paw through when anyone walked past and wanting cuddles as soon as possible! She said he is one of the most happy cats she has ever seen although one of the maddest too (he gets that bit from me)!

Ok so onnnnne more thing i have a querie about, has anyone heard or seen something like this, when i first got him home from the breeder we noticed that on the tip of his tail is about an inch of what looks like a dead bit of his tail it is very dark brown and no fur is growing from it. We thought it was probably damaged from being shut in the door at the breeders house (not that she even told us about it), then we found out he had ringworm (i know, not a good breeder) so thought it maybe that, but under the ultra violet there is no ringworm showing up, i am concerned as i sometimes catch him scratching it so it must still itch him. The vet has drawn a complete blank we have had him now for two months and it still hasnt gone away. Any ideas?

Thanks again for all you kind words and knowledge it means a lot.

Anna and Dexter
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He really shouldn't have any trouble using his tray, so it's fine to feed him. He's probably half-starved from not having any breakfast. As far as not being sleepy, that's not unusual. He might just "sleep like the dead" later.

I have no idea what could be wrong with his tail.
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