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Question of the Day - October 5th

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here's a semi simple one

Do you like your job?

Mine is frustrating me to no end today
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I do BUT, the atmospheres gone from the whole place, and i know i'm not the only one who thinks that, and that's one of the reasons why i'm thinking of retiring early
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Eh, not really. I recently moved so I had to get a new job. When I was hired I was supposed to be a home health aid, go in, make sure they took their meds, make sure they put on clothes before they left their apartment, you know, that sort of stuff.

After I was hired, I realized it was straight up nursing home and I really hate it. I'm doing CNA work, I'm not a CNA, never wanted to be one, and the management is all to blame because they could care less about the people who live in the "social community center" just as long as they get the rent check every month.
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I don't yet. I still have to find one and start it I hope so though...
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Do you like your job?
Depends on how I choose to look at it. No, I don't like my job per se but there is not another job at the company I work for that I would rather do. I like that it has benefits and pays me enough to live what I consider a decent lifestyle (I don't require much ).
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Some days I really like my job.. there are just very few lately. I am the only person who works here besides the attorney and it gets lonely and very boring. I want to work in a bigger office eventually, with co-workers, oh how nice it would be!
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Eh...I like the idea of my job (I'm a Chiropractic Assistant)...but I work with family...and it gets pretty frustrating.
The worst part is that I make good even if I left (which I want to) I wouldn't be living nearly as comfortably...
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I love it! I get to stay home all day with the kitties
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This is my first and only job that I've absolutely adored!

The people I work with are completely wonderful, I come & go when I please & get paid well
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Yes I do, I am a stay at home cat Mom
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I am currently looking to expand mine and tweak it a little.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Yes I do, I am a stay at home cat Mom
Thats the best job ever!
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I love my job of Embroidery. I HATE having to work with family though.
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My job is ok, but it really does not pay enough to meet my (and Riley's!) needs.
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I love my job! I work whenever I want and if I don't want to do something I just don't do it till I want to and I only have about 3 clients to deal with. But the pay sucks. I'm currently a full time Domestic Engineer/Feline-Aquatic Steward. I also tell people I'm on an extended vacation. That sounds more fun.
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HAHA, funny you ask that and I'm reading it right now...

I normally like my job...but sometimes (rarely) but on occasion, sales will be stolen from is one of those days
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Most days I am a stay at home Mom, I am thinking I might go to work next year, when my youngest starts kindergarten. I am kind of torn, I like to be able to go on feild trips, and help in the classroom. I am also thinking it would be nice to may speak to someone over 4 feet tall
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I love my job-it's stressful at times but I love that adrenaline rush.
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No i don't. I love working with the animals, but aside from that- there's not a ton i like about it- i am forced to work every single holiday (even when it's my regular scheduled day off) i also get stuck working every weekend, and the list goes on. I'm looking for another job at the moment. If i can't find one i love- then i might go ahead and take out a loan to get that flower shop i've always dreamed of. We'll see!
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That's kind of a hard one. Most of the time yes, however there are those days when I would love to chuck it all and join the circus.

I try to remind myself that when I am frustrated or annoyed it isn't usually the job that is the problem, it's the people I work with, or have to deal with.

I am not what you would call a real people person.

Most of the time however it is fine, my hours are flexible, and other then the owner I answer to no one.
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Nope. Pay sucks, hours suck, when I put in for a day off they gripe, two of my co-workers are the nastiest women on the earth....
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I loved my job when I was working. Due to health reasons, I have had to retire early.
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Well since I'm self employed-I really enjoy what I do and making people happy and receiving good feedback. But its a constant struggle to find new clients to keep the $$$ rolling in.
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I absolutely love what I do for a living. I love surgery and I love being a surgical assistant. I honestly can't even imagine anything that I'd rather do for a living. Unfortunately, it's taken a bit of a toll on my back lately, but physical therapy has helped a lot. Sometimes I get a little cheesed off about the hospital politics, but that's something I've just had to learn to live with...since it's at every hospital, just in a different form.
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I like my job, but I can't say that I love it. As a matter of fact, my job scares the living poo out of me! I am still waiting for the day that I don't have diarrhea before going to work (maybe a little TMI, but true).
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Mostly. The days when I hate it are the days when I have no energy but generally it`s good
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I'm not working right now since I have a pretty hard semester in university. If it were easier, I would probably be volunteering at a vet clinic like I do in the summer and for the most part it's a good working environment. I learn a lot and get to meet new people and animals.
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I love my job It gets very stressful and has long hours sometimes, but I still enjoy it immensely.
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I absolutely love my job! I get paid to play with dogs all day! Its great! Although days like today get kind of frustrating its still a lot of fun. Plus the people I work with are great! I work with my best friend ever her sis and one of our friends and my boss is a complete nut! But in a good way!
Heres where I work:
Camp Ruff N More
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