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For sale .....

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... 2, 5 month old kittens, boys. Owner must love being woken up at 3 am with persistent meows to go refill the food bowl, being awoken to the sensation your toes are being amputated and walking in to your spare room to find this:

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Redecorating are you? I love it!
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I've got my own kid of about the same age who does the same

Just keep saying "Their only little, it's natural, so enjoy it while it lasts because they'll be adults before i know it!"
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Looks like they've had a great time!
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LOL! What naughty boys!! Funny!
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"Uhhh, what do you mean the room didn't look like this when you left it? We found it this way when we came in to nap!"
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"Oh, you mean you DON'T like that???"
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How hysterical
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hehe, I know! It's just that look on their faces as if I have lost my mind at the fact the room was clean when I last went in it!!
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It's the "what? you didn't leave it this way??" look that really gets to ya classic.
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That's hilarious...they look innocent to me
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