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Peeing under the bed- resolved.

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I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but I thought I'd throw it out as an idea to keep cats from going to the bathroom under the bed.

So about a month ago, I posted about how I was having trouble keeping my kitten Ares, from peeing and pooping under the bed. He would use the litter box fine one minute, then the next be pooping under the bed. So we decided that maybe if you just blocked it off with a bunch of boxes, then he'd start going in the box, since under the bed was no longer an option. It worked... for a while. He then discovered that if he body-slammed the boxes they'd move out of his way. We actually didn't discover he was doing this for about a week, when we had a poop smell that just didn't go away. My husband lifted the box spring and we found about 8 piles of poop

After some brain storming, I came up with the idea to get some of that plastic carpet protector, that is commonly used under desk chairs. I bought some (about $45 worth!) and we layed it pointy side up under the bed. Now let me say that these points were not that hard or all that pointy. The cats can still walk on it, but it's not exactly comfortable for them. This has completely solved our problem.
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That's a great suggestion!! Though don't celebrate too soon. Chances are he'll get used to it after a while, and if there's a good reason why he's pooping under there, he'll go back to doing it. I think you're better off finding out the WHY or else he'll either look for another place to do it, or go back there after a while.

BTW, using the flexible plastic carpet runner (with carpet stickers, not smooth) is easier to use than chair mats. The chair mats are difficult to cut to size, but the carpet runner can be easily cut with a utility knife or even a scissors. And I think the points are denser and pointier on the ones I've used.
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Wouldn't it have been easier (and cheaper) to just keep the door closed and don't allow him in your bedroom?

I hope you figure out why he was doing it and he doesn't do it again. Good luck.
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The mats that I used were actually the runner varitey that you were talking about. It was less stiff, so really easy to work with.

About just keeping him out of my room... that is absolutely not an option. I live in a one bedroom apartment and their litter boxes are in our bedroom. If I denied him access to the bedroom he'd have too small of an area to run around in.

I actually think that the reason he was doing it under the bed was because he wasn't comfortable with the other cats in the room watching him. Then he just got in the habit of going underneith there. Now he's best buddies with the others and he's not bothered by it.

Like I said, I just wanted to throw this out as an idea for anyone who is struggling with the same issue.
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I have found that pouring Hydrogen Peroxide on the pet stain/smells makes them disappear.
I have tan carpet and it does not discolor it.
Don't know about darker colors.
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