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Daily Thread 05/10/07

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Morning All

Very nice morning here, sunny and around 65 degrees. The beginning of the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, Columbus Day in the U.S.A. if my calendar is correct. Not sure about anywhere else...but it's good question to all our non-Canadian and non-American members, is it a holiday weekend where you live, and if so what are you celebrating.

Holiday weekend or not pretty typical day for me. Heading off to work in about an hour. Going in a bit late this morning since I usually stay late on Friday nights. Been trying to give my knees a bit of a brake the last couple of days, they have been a bit on the annoying side. It has damp the last 3 days and that certainly doesn't help, I love being a human barometer.

Kitties are good this morning. Sassy is rearranging the fur on his stomach, something he spends hour doing. I wait until he's done then walk by and mess it up..It's hard not to resist that fluffy belly, but I sure get dagger stares for it.
Linus is in his window bird watching.

Everyone have a good one.
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Hi All!!!

I did get a phone call yesterday by the recruiter I've been working with for the past month. One of his collegues has an opening for a project that will last 5-6 months. We fixed my resume to gear it towards the job, but so far I haven't heard anything back. The hiring manager pretty much wanted things wrapped up yesterday. I'm hoping he got busy and is going to call today

My toe has been hurting the past few days. I keep having to crack/pop it. Last night I noticed it was swollen a little. I probably have a pinched nerve or something.

On a brighter note I found out HOW COOL our dishwasher is. I'm basically having to do dishes every other day (for just the two of us), and the dishwasher takes a looooooong time (seems like an hour). So yesterday I just threw all the dishes in without prewashing them.
An hour later, they were COMPLETELY CLEAN!
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My regular weekend is planned, going out to dinner with my parents tonight, working tomorrow morning then vegging all evening with kitties and sunday work in the morning, nap, go to parent's for dinner and home for Desperate Housewives.... I am SO a creature of habit
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Well I have the houe all to myself this weekend (with the cats) as its man's weekend!!
So I worked in my yard for a couple hours this morning then got ready and did some serious retail therapy (stopped at bank first)
Got a couple gardening items, 2 shirts, a great pair of designer label loafers (45%) off!
A new headband, a silver necklace, a bracelet, a sweater from Talbots (eek full price) and a couple of sale items from Pottery barn (ice bucket and serving tray).

Then stopped and bought three bottles of wine and some cheese and cracker which I was going to enjoy outside as our weather is insanely warm for October (86F vs 63F normal temps) and we just had a brief rainshower-at least I don't have to water the newly seeded lawn.

Got an email that a nursery that has some shrubs I am interested in is increasing their sale (will go tomorrow) and have to stop at Packer Pro Shop too unless its too busy.

So I rented Knocked Up for tonite and will enjoy that with the wine!!
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