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Heading to the show :)

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In a few hrs we'll be leaving for the weekend. Hope you all have a good one and will update you on show results on Monday.

Please keep sending those show vibes for Charlie as he'll have 44 other alters to go up against!
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Good luck!
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Lots of luck Charlie! I have no doubt such a handsome man will kick butt against 44 alters. You can take 'em!
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I'm sure he'll do wonderfully, the handsome little devil! But good show vibes are stil coming your way!
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Charlie, you're a superstar in our books. Go and wow the judges with your incredible personality and stunning good looks.
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Best of luck, Charlie.
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Good luck Charlie
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Good luck! I wish I would have seen this earlier.... I would have asked you to get some Persian pics for me if you could have. I'm missing little Jake today. Looking forward to hearing how things went and maybe see some pics of Charley and his competition!
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Good luck Charlie!!
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