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My new cat

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Hello from Greece!! One week ago i found a small cat on the street. I took it home with me and it has been staying with me since that day. I took it to the vet and he told me that my cat is 4 months old and male. He vaccinated him and did some stuff for his parasites. He also told me that he had mild fever but it was probably from the anxiety because later on the fever dropped. So we were ok and we went home. But yestarday i noticed that he has a swollen gland under his neck. Its like the ones we have on our necks. What could this be? Should i be worried? Another thing. He eats all day long (he is hungry all the time), and when he doesnt eat he always sleeps. Is that normal? I am embarassed to call the vet because he will think i am hypochondriac. I dont want to sound paranoid but i dont want my cat to be sick. I m also afraid for myself since i have him in my house and he sleeps with me in my bed. Any reply would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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call your vet and express your concerns...

it could be from the stress of a new home and the relief of not having to scavage for meals, but you never know.

better to be safe than sorry. If kitty needs to go back I'm sure the vet will tell you so...
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Welcome to TCS.

I agree that you should call the vet and ask about your concerns. The vet is probably used to hearing all kinds of questions. As saya said it's better to call if you're worried. If the kitty has a medical problem it's best to start treatment as soon as possible.

Good luck to you and your new kitty.
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Being off the streets, he could have anything. Might be an abcess from a fight or something. I'd call your vet and have them take a look.

Post pictures of your new adopted kitten. BTW how old in Greece will they neuter him? In the US, he could be neutered now at 4 months.
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Hi and welcome! It does sound like another trip to the Vet would be appropriate. Also, you shouldn't be worried about catching an illness from your cat sleeping with you.
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Yes cats have glands in the same places we do, under the jaw and in the 'armpit' and groin - if they are enlarged it's usually a sign that the cat's body is trying to fight off an infection. Just eating and sleeping is not normal for a 4 month old kitten, although they do nap frequently and eat a lot, between those two activities he should be chasing things and getting into all sorts of mischief.

I would definitely suggest a return visit to the vet, or at least phone the vet to see what s/he thinks.
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