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Sandi, I agree with what Heidi says. Another thing I would suggest is have your husband sit on the floor in the room where Piper is and try the string trick. Get a feather and tie it to the end of the string and move it slowly then rest it along the floor. The feather will trigger Piper's prey response and she should pounce on it quicker than if it was just string alone. Also tell hubby to remove his shoes and sit there in his socks. She will get used to his scent quicker and he will be less of a threat out of those hard shoes that she associates with pain or discomfort. (In other words, with her last owner, the first thing she saw from her level were those shoes and then the abuse or whatever started soon after that) Good luck!
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Thanks, Heidi! My husband had thought of that! This morning he was like don't giver her the wet food, I want too! I generally have more patience than him, sometimes he can be quite difficult! But I am happy he is willing to handle Piper the way I have learned to, through this site!
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hey Hissy, I just read your reply! I will definetly try the feather, and tell my husband to do what you said! It sounds like a good idea!
The string is a long shoe lace, and I zig zag is so it moves like a snake! now I am anxious to see her reaction with the feather, if I see her pounce, I will be so happy!
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Gosh - everytime I'm not here for a while so much happens! LOL! Maybe I should disappear for a few days - she'll be head-butting you by the time I log back on!

What great, great news!

Poor hubby - and I'm convinced that most men have less patience than women to begin with.

...and what about the smelly shirt? Have hubby sweat up a T-shirt or sweatshirt or something, and put it near where she sleeps (or eats). Maybe that will help her warm up to him more quickly, too.


What beautiful, beautiful babies they are!
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Oh, Anita,

I can understand how your husband must be feeling when Piper runs from him. See, I was the one doing most of the "work" with Lucky and who does she end up loving the most? My hubby. I was very bummed out and discouraged about this, but tell your husband to hang in there - Piper will come around. What we did was after Lucky got used to us, I tried spending lots of time in the room with her - playing and doing fun stuff. I also did what the other gals (Debby, Heidi, Hissy, Laurie, hope I'm not forgetting anyone) told me to do and wore a t-shirt for 3 nights straight and put it under her food dish. That way she associated me with wonderful things. Also, when I'd take in a special treat of wet food or a small bit of tuna on occasion, I'd sit right by the bowl and not move and just let her eat it. It seems to have worked well for me. Now, even though I think Lucky does favor my s/o, she still gives me so much love and affection. I think she just loves us in different ways. Also, she loves to rub her face against my husbands scratchy beard - and since I don't have a beard, I usually get a little nose bump. I'm still envious sometimes, but also very happy. So, tell your hubby to hang on - when that time comes when Piper totally accepts him - it will be well worth the wait.

Gosh, I'm so happy things are rolling along for you!
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Oh my sweet Piper! Tonight was a big night for us!!!For those who have followed my posts, as you know Piper has changed so much!!! She now jumps on our laps, and purrs and kneads on my husband!

But the play time interactive with us only happened once but for a few seconds....untill tonight!!

my question is the reason why???

Tonight I made steak on the barbeque...I gave her a little treat (is this ok? I never gave her stake before (I gave her a aprt with no spices)then later while watching tv the two other kitties were sleeping, and Piper was rolling on the floor licking herself like she does when she is happy, but for much longer, then she started running to me, and running away super fast coming back and forth to me and then first I thought she wanted me to go in the computer room, but no that wasn't it. Then she run up on the ktichen chairs and started predatory I said gee maybe she wan'ts me to play with her???
so i got a toy out, but the other kitties awoke, and she watched but didn't play, but I really had the feeling she wanted to. so I put the other kitties in the other room, and came back to piper, got the string and she went WACKO! and I mean wacko! she was chasing/ swatting biting running with the string in her mouth! It was unbeleivable, just like a kitten, she was playing like our other kitties, so alert and rambuctious, I still can't believe it! I wanted to cry I was so happy, and wish I had a camera because no one will believe she did this!!! It was for a good amount of time too!

My question though is was it the meat that got her so happy/hyper?
or is it just a coincidence?
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Anita that is WONDERFUL!!!! I don't know if it was the meat, but something triggered in her. It was like that with Ophelia too, one day she would just let us do something or want something she never had before.

The only thing I can think of with steak is to be sure she doesn't get onion powder on it, as that's very bad for kitties.
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cool, it is so neat to hear your expiriences with Ohpelia, It's nice to know someone else has expirienced the same thing as me...

oh, I didn't put any onion on the stakes, just salt pepper and garlic, and I gave her pieces from the middle....I didn't know if stake was and acceptable meat for cats...and I gave her very tiny pieces just in case...

I wonder if Piper will do that again, it was like she was possessed, like the kitten came out in her!

your Ophleia is so cute by the way!!! any other dotires of unexpected things she did I'd love to hear!!
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Ophelia is really picky about playing with us, too. But once we figure out what her toy of choice it, watch out! LOL We had some of those big hair-tie like things that go around the trash can to keep the bag from falling in, and one of them broke so it was just a long straight piece. Once I picked that up, she was ON IT! Every night she would ask very nicely to play (she would sit in the area that she wanted me to play with her in, and look at the string, look at me, the string, me, the string, me....)

The biggest surprise she ever gave me was when she decided she wanted to love me. She's been Daddy's girl since she was a wee kitten, and she would prance around and rub on him and beg for pets and scritches. But she wouldn't do that for me. She would tolerate some pets, but she never asked for them. One day she went up on the box at the end of our bed and acted toward me the same way she acts toward hubby. I was smiling for about 3 days after she did that!

Piper is a real pretty girl too, Anita.
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neat, so once she did what she does to your husband to you, did she continue to do it to you regularily?

oh and thanx! I ofcourse think Piper is pretty, I call her my gorgeous girl, cause she is prissy like, grooming, always testing things and people... before she drinks she dips her paw in the bowl, and then licks her paw and then dips again and licks again several times before she actually drinks! it's so funny, but we must sneek to watch, when she see us she stops...she also sniffs all food and treats a few times before eating, where my other kitties are like vacuums.

Piper has also been coming to me more, but I think part of the problem is the other two kitties are always with me.... yesturday I was watching a movie lying on my bed, and she stood up on the ledge, wanting to come up, but then she spotted both kitties sleeping in curled up balls behing my legs, so she ran away, and sat on the floor near the bed.
she doesn't love the other cats, but she doesn't mind them either, (except when they try to catch her or her tail!!) usually, and the other kitties are not glued to my husband, so she can be alone with him do you think that's why she shows him more affection than me? Cause I know she likes me, she, like the others will almost always be in the same room as me. and she watches like a hawk when I play with the other kitties...

I wonder if that string I am using is her favorite toy...

the toy you are discribing is it plastic or string?

I hope Piper will give me a sign again when she wants to play! Because sometimes it is so hard to read what she wants!!
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Ophelia is definitely much more affectionate toward me since she turned that corner.

That is so cute how Piper tests the water. She sounds like such a doll!

It's funny you mention the other cats. Trent definitely chose me as his person, but that didn't happen until he was about 5 months old. Up until then Ophelia was more trusting and attentive to me. After Trent made that choice, she became more of Daddy's girl. I do think it had a lot to with Trent always wanting to be with me and there wasn't competition with Daddy.

Ophelia's fav toy is the same material as one of those elastic ponytail holders, only a lot bigger. Obviously it's an Under Supervision toy, but she doesn't really play that much unless it's interactive. Most of the toys she really likes are string - shoe strings (like Piper!), her trash bag holder, we used to have a piece of crafting cord still on the spool that she liked to play with (also only under supervision).
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Oh, Anita, I'm sooooo happy to hear all of this about Piper! And boy - she IS beautiful!!!!!

Our kids love all string and string-like things. Doesn't matter what material it is made of, although elastic is their favorite - all of them. I think the way it bounces away from them when you give it a yank after they've been holding on to it is what gets them going....

But Shelly's favorite end on a string is a bit of wide-ish tinsel-like stuff and a bell. Lazlo's favorite end on a string is feathers. Spooky's vaorite end on a string is a mouse that rattles a little bit inside. And Tuxedo just loves everything. We caught him playing with a quarter we'd dropped today! ...When their string toys break, we just tie the stuff back on there, or grab another toy and tie it on the end, LOL!

...and about Piper's affection for hubby, I'm going with Heidi on this one. Not only does she see the other cats around you, you smell like them, too. There's less competition for her with hubby, and I'm willing to bet that's what it boils down to.

I'm so glad you've kept us posted!!! We'd love to see more pics if you can...

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Anita! Sounds like you've had quite a bit of good news since I've last visited this post! That's wonderful news!!! Hurray!!! I agree with the other gals - Lucky also loved her Daddy the best and lately, guess who's getting all the lovin'...ME! I know just how you felt, Heidi, smiling for 3 days...I still have the warm, gushy feelings! Anyhow...keep up the fantastic progress and I would love to see more pictures as well. All these kitties are so adorable!
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Here are recent pictures, of Piper (sometime it is kinda hard to get good pictures of her because she will stop what she is doing by the time we get the camera!)

this one is her on the tree we built for the cats. We made it since we got Leo, but Piper never went on it until after we got Roxy!
(I will be posted a thread of pics of her soon too)

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and her in her new favorite spot, under the chairs, makes it easier to snatch food from our laps!

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under the chairs is also where she played with me the last time, and it happened once again, not for as long but she got "possessed by her inner kitten" once more!
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Piper is GORGEOUS!!! What a precious little face peerin out from the dining room chairs. That's so funny because that is one of Ophelia's favorite hang outs, too.

I'm glad she's getting in contact with her Inner Kitten more.
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That is funny! Piper and Ophelia do have a lot in common!

Piper has been glued to those chairs the past couple of weeks, she is also doing funny things there, grooming, perdatory playing, rolling, all while she thinks we can't see her! It'so funny...
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Anita, I LOVE the pics and stories! MORE, MORE!!!!

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I haven't checked this thread in awhile, I have been busy. I would caution you that if you do give Piper meat, make sure there is NO garlic on it either. Garlic in the raw form can be toxic to cats. Yes pet food manufacturers put it in food, but not the raw type, a special type of garlic.

It sounds like she is relaxing and it is common for a feral cat to find her kittenhood again once she relaxes. In the wild, Momcat does not allow the kittens to play (to dangerous) she will bite and growl and even snatch them back to her if they get out of hand. It is the only way she knows to keep predators away.

Good luck with your kitty, you are doing just fine.
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