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We are going nuts with our kitten

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A month ago my girlfriend an I took the advice of the vet and people here and got a 2nd cat.

Our 7 month old kitten has always been very hyper and we figured when I went back to class we figured another would be best. A week later we happened to run into somebody that was holding a 1 1/2 y/o cat that the owners neglected and locked outside.

We took her in. The new cat is the best behaved cat we have ever seen...NEVER does a thing wrong, must have been well socialized to the house.

Our kitten however that we really love was saved as a feral and is still wild. They are not hissing anymore or growling. They seem to play a lot but she gets tired and he doesn't. He runs around and jumps on her back and then they wrestle. Is this ok? We are worried eventually she will get fed up and get into a bad fight. Then again, we do not know what normal multiple cat behavior is.

The other issue is we don't know why our kitten will not stop meowing It gets very hard to deal with when all the sudden he is moaning all the time. Any advice with this?

The other problem we have with our youngest that is not nearly as annoying, yet we would like him to learn is biting. This is not mean biting...This is "Gee, I think I will go bite him and start purring!" Everytime he starts biting us he purrs loud so we think he actually enjoys it or thinks it is a good thing.
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The relationship between your two cats is very normal. If the kitten gets out of hand your older one will take care of disciplining him. No need to worry too much.
About the meowing, some cats are more outspoken than others. Maybe your kitten is one of them.
Biting should never be encouraged. Once he does, you should say NO (a hiss also helps) and leave or immediately stop playing with him. Be consistent and patient. He will understand that he is hurting you and will stop.
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Is the kitten neutered? That may be why he is howling. It may also be the reason he will not leave the other cat alone.
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Yes, they are neutered and spayed.
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Oh yay! Congrats on the new addition to your house! Generally older cats are well mannered. The kitten I'm sure will grow out of some of that behavior.

What the others suggested about hissing & saying 'no' is a great idea. What I've been doing is saying "OW!" loudly and pulling my hand away. I saw on another thread that someone suggested using 'Bitter Apple' on the parts of your skin that are getting bitten the most. It tastes bad to cats so it should discourage them.

When they bite, they believe they are just playing or being affectionate. It's fun for them and they don't realize they're hurting you. Thats why you keep hearing purring. My cat bites me too but he is very gentle now when he gives me 'love nips'.

Good luck!
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