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Chaos update

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Well the wound on Chao's neck is starting to SLOWLY heal! He finally had gone long enough and was able to be retreated with frontline plus and the next day he instantly stopped scratching and his wound is now healing and we don't even have to cover his neck with anything because he leaves it alone.

He's starting to get along better with our rescue golden. Our rescue golden thought he made an EXCELLENT chew toy so I have been so busy making sure he didn't kill Chaos (good with cats they told me...yeah right).

Chaos has gone to the vets, we are making an appointment for his neuter (can't wait around for the neuter scooter forever) and he weighs in at 5.5 lbs. Our vet said he's not overweigh even though he eats CONSTANTLY! I'll put in a few pictures of him taken today he's getting SO big and I think he gets more handsome by the second!

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Glad to hear Chaos is healing What a cutie he is!
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Nice to hear the good news. Tickle that tummy for me.

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