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A possible infection? OH NO!

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So my two cats are sisters and re only 10 months old. They play often and fight some too. Their nails had gotten long, and I noticed little scabs inside one's ear. I figured... "hey, they probably were playing too hard, they should heal." Since then, they have had manicures.. However I am concerned about the at with the scabs. There are about 5-6 all in close proximity, in the same ear. They are on the inner pink side of the ear, and I noticed that she was favoring that ear tonight. She kept fussing at it with her paw. I looked n her ear and the wound look to be wet.. not with blood, possibly puss. This really scares me. I am most likely going to take her to the vet tomorrow, but I was hoping someone else who might have some experience with this might be able to offer their opinion. Thanks everyone.
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The vet is a good idea--they will be able to clean it properly and determine if antibiotics would be beneficial. For now, I would probably try using a warm wet washcloth to clean the area and possible use it as a compress. If she is still scratching at the ear, you can try making a temporary e-collar out a paper plate so she can't do any more damage.
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Thanks, I just did what you recommend. She has away been coughing the last couples days. I hopes it isn't realated.
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Definitely get her into the vets with the coughing. Hope she turns out to be fine.
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We won't be able to see a vet until Tuesday, and I'm growing in concern. Heres a picture of what it looks like. I'm worried to go to sleep, because I don't want anything to happen overnight. If anyone has any advice please help!

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not to be annoying but any opinion is appreciated
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For the time being, if I were faced with the problem, I would wash the ear, carefully dab a little peroxide on the infected looking spots 2-3 times, wipe the ear with a damp cloth again. Then apply some antibiotic ointment.
That might at least make it feel a little better or keep the infected area from getting worse.
Hope that and the coughing is nothing bad, good luck at the vets Tuesday.
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If it were me, I wouldn't be panicking if the kitty seems responsive, is eating, is going potty, doesn't seem to be in pain (hunched over or seems very listless)....however, I would do what I can to get the cat to the vet on Monday AM, if possible. Or at least talk to the vet on Monday to ask if it sounds like something that shouldn't wait until Tues. Good luck!
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