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OK, Mellie -- you win!!

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Mellie's favorite spot is my computer chair. Since I'm up and down in and out of that chair on and off my computer a dozen times a day or more I get really tired of having to shoo her out of their every time I need to sit down. I thought maybe I could encourage her to find another spot to make her favorite by putting upside-down carpet runner on the chair when I wasn't sitting in it. Yesterday she pulled it off the chair once and just now I found her actually sitting on it, spiky points and all. OK, I give up!! Mellie, you win!!

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She showed you! "Spikes?! I don't care about no stinking spikes!"
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LOL! I used to have a piece of that around my door at my parent's house because Tiger would scratch at night to come in and out. Well it didn't work for me either. Tiger passed in 2003 and there is no carpet left around the door frame on the side it opend on.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww who did you really expect to win?
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They always get what they want.
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Gee, thanks Meowmy, you bought me a shiatsu massage pad!
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Mellie must be a descendant of our Sheba - who liked to sleep in the cactus garden - on the cactus.
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Oh, wow!! That beats a carpet runner any day!!
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Sheba also like using small cactus for toys. She was an odd cat.
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I saw this picture and it looks exactly like my cat (except Bonkey is a bit on the chunky side ) maybe it's a calico thing - here is my Bonks doing the same thing.

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