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I'm addicted to lolcats!
Although I'm sure that most of you are familiar, I wanted to share because we are all such cat nerds around here and these just crack me up!

here are some of my favorite lolcat sites:
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I love them too. . . they are rediculously funny. . . Dogs are never this funny. . .
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Originally Posted by NoRachelHere View Post
Dogs are never this funny. . .
Well...they have their moments, BUT...

Nothing beats a cat!

Thanks for sharing! Those are hilarious!!

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Sigh. I guess it's time to admit I'm addicted to
Oh, wait - i gave that away in my name
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I love them as well... I save several to my computer...

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I'm an LOLCATS addict.

Thank you.

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Addicted to Lolcats and Lolrats.
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For those of you who don't know, every Saturday is Caturday on - I love it!

Anyone who isn't familiar with Fark: it's a website that gathers up random news stories submitted by different people. There are threads to talk about them. Every Saturday, someone manages to find something associated with cats, thus starting that week's "Caturday", which is just an excuse for people to come up with new lolcats.
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Yea... is my favorite
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They are cute!!
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I haz much appreshashun 4 theez!
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Don't forget Macro cats
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I've never seen Macro Cats, I'll have to check that out

(BTW... Here's Horatio)

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thank you so much for the macrocats link!
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my firends and i send these back and forth to each other on myspace! I love these things, i swear the neighbors can hear me laughing

Awesome one of Horatio, Lore!!!!
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