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can I find a Journal for my kitten to record his information?
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Health records or a general journal of his growth etc?
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I've made a scrap book of all our kittens developments and photos as they grow.
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Just go to your local newsagent or an art or $2 shop and pick up a blank journal. You can decorate it and add your own titles and markers and things to it, and stick a photo on the cover of your baby
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I found this on Amazon, I thought it was neat!

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Our daughter does scrapbooking and has made one for each of our kitties. We have photos and one of their baby teeth and things like that.

We also just made our own health/vet record folder where we keep information from all vet visits, vaccinations, etc.
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I have this book: http://www.amazon.com/All-About-Cat-...1621658&sr=8-1 for each of my girls. They have others too.
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