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My Kitten Has A Fatal Disease - Help

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Thank god I found a cat forum, my sister wanted a cat so badly so me and my bro decided we would buy her one. We bought her one (as a family cat) in june 2007, she was 3 months old back then. We got her a flu vac in around july, she was also had a tempreture during this time aswell. I am not sure what vac she was given but she was given one and her whole eyeball turned dark red and her eyes turned like cloudy grey/blue. I never went to the vet, my brother and my sister always took the kitten, they said that this red eyes/blue means that there is a 50/50 chance that the kitten will have problems in the future. This whole week the cat has been pretty weak, not eating much. Over the last 4 days she was not eating much, urinating in the same place as she was laying without even getting up, pooing in the corner near where she slept, bearly eating anything, I am also pretty sure she was going blind and it was getting worse as days went by and then the day after I found her on the chair and she looked dead, her dead was pretty much leaning down from the side of the chair and I grabbed her to see if she was okay and she got up and I stroked her and thought maybe she had a bug, the next day my brother/sister took her to the vet and they kept her over there for a day. They phoned up yesterday morning and said we have 2 options, the cat has a fatal disease confirmed from the blood test and we can take her home but she will die within a few weeks slowly or we can put her down.

I have to say I am pretty upset, I loved the kitten even though I only knew her for a few months and she did some things which made me laugh hard. Just as my bro/sis became attached aswell.

I asked my bro what is happening to the kitten and he said 'its gone" I said what you mean? And he wouldnt tell me, I know hes upset but ffs I am upset aswell. I had to ask my mum what is happening and she said my bro has told them this morning he still doesnt know what to choose. The vet apparently said this happens to 1 in 50 kittens.

I have a few questions;

1) I have looked all over the internet about why the kittens eyes went red in the white eyeball and the iris/pupil went blue/grey cloudy after a vac. Does anyone know about this? Does this happen? Is it true what the vet said? Did he cause this? Did he give it the wrong injection?

2) Anyone heard of this virus that is fatal?

I am going to miss the kitten so so badly
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What is the fatal disease?
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I dunno, my brother isn't really speaking to me right now meh.. all I know is that it is fatal. I most likely will ring them in the morning and ask them myself.
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You should call him now. Knowing and, more importantly, understanding the ailment that's affecting your cat is crucial if there's a decision to be made. The only diseases that I can think of that could be so rapidly conclusive (1 blood test) are FIV, Leukemia, and maybe FIP.

Poor kitty, sounds like she has suffered a lot already.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Did they find out what's wrong w/ her yet?

I hope she'll be okay. I'll be sending blessings & good vibes your way.

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DEFINATELY Vet check ...
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That is definately a matter for the vet, it sounds highly serious.

The discolouring and cloudiness sounds like a burst blood vessel.
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As I said I am not sure, my brother must know but he is not telling me much. I will be ringing them in the morning, I am sure there number is around if I can find it.

I am pretty sure we can rule out FIV and leukemia and I was reading on FIP and I don't think it is that.

IF my bro wasn't so ignorent I would know by now but meh, sigh.. I still don't know why its eyes went red and the iris went blue. I wish I never told my bro to get it vacced, ever since we did that it has been having problems.

I will keep you guys updated.
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
That is definately a matter for the vet, it sounds highly serious.

The discolouring and cloudiness sounds like a burst blood vessel.
She is currently at the vet and has been for 2 days, as I said they rang to see what we wanted to do and as far as I know so far my bro has told them he doesn't know what to do.

The thing is, it would not be wise to bring her home and let my sister watch it die. That's so sad and cruel. I think if it is fatal, only 1 option.
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If the kitten is not in pain or distress, then you could bring it home to spend a day with you before you have it put to sleep... but if it's 100% fatal, then that's probably the kindest action.

Tell your brother you want to talk to the vet, that you want to find out what the kitten has and how it's doing. If you need to convince him say something like, "I'd feel much better if I knew more. Right now I'm just worried and confused." (Are you still a kid, under 18? I'm asking because sometimes vets keep things from kids. In that case you'll have to tell your brother to tell the vet to tell you.)

The majority of vets will let you be with the kitten when they put it to sleep. If you want this, then tell your brother you want to do this, if he is going to make that decision. Vets are usually animal lovers, and will treat the cat gently in any case; but having a familiar person with it at the end must surely be comforting to a dying cat.
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