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I'm gettin' a kitten from a pet rescue centre.

I fell in love with a small kitten that had just recovered from pneumonia.

They won't let it out until it is completely better and has had a full check by the vet. They have spent lots of care and money gettin' this kitten to recover.

It's 18 weeks but about the size of about 9 weeks and some people have told me it is a bad idea as it would be prone to illness and have a bad immune system?

I was wondering if the pneumonia would affect the cat in later life and whether it's too risky?
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It depends on a number of factors - the general strength of the kitten and its immune system, how much damage if any has been done to the lungs. I rescued my Dushka off the streets in 2002 as a three week old kitten with severe pneumonia and the vet gave her a 20% chance. Her lungs were full of fluid. But I nursed her through it, with lots of antibiotics and she has never had a day's illness since, though sometimes her breathing sounds loud when asleep.
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Thank you, we decided not to get that kitten in the end.

The place where we were getting them from were too unorganised and didn't know what was happening. And when we phoned around some vets they told us to be wary because they've had complaints about there. But it was sooo lovely that I know it will get a home.

Today we got 3 beautiful kittens from the same litter; a black one female, a tiny grey and white female and a lovely biscuit coloured boy.

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