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fish in kitty diet?

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I feed my two kittens mostly raw with some dry occasionally (by occasional I mean when they get into Bea's food or in the morning when they get a bit of their own). Ideally, as soon as their dry food is gone I won't be buying them anymore. My 3 y o won't eat raw yet but I'm in the process of weaning her off her free fed dry diet to mostly scheduled wet feedings.
I know too much fish in a cats diet can be bad for them...

question is how much? and is it counter-productive to give the kittens that are on the raw diet canned fish? I mostly feed them the tiki cat whole sardine or mackerel w only occasional tuna.

what do you guys think? I just want to best possible diet for my kids...
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IMO I would not feed them raw fish; nor would I personally eat raw fish. My guys get a can of fish once a week or once every 2 weeks, depending on what I've pick up. I don't go out of the way to buy a lot of fish for their diet - mainly beef, chicken, lamb or turkey.
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RAW fish can be filled with PARASITES and heavy metals

CANNED fish is COOKED....

I would NOT give FISH for humans from a can to a cat more than once a week... to much salt ....and tuna can deplete a cats store of certain vitamins...

cat food with fish is fine provided no UTI issues exist
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Hey, I'd suggest to cook the fish before you give it to them. See above--parasites, etc.

I like to give my cats bits of fish or chicken when I have those things. Just plain fish or chicken--they love it; it's a real treat. But not for daily diet. (I couldn't afford it anyway.)

Heavy metals won't come out with cooking, though. If the fish in your area is high in mercury, it's probably not a good idea to feed cats a lot of it. They're smaller than we are and thus more likely to suffer from poisoning.

There has to be a safe way to feed raw food to cats... Maybe the food could be irradiated to remove any bacteria beforehand?
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I didn't mean that I was feeding raw fish, just that they are on a raw diet (NV) and I wasn't sure about feeding the canned cooked fish kitty food.

I guess my main question is this...

If I feed my kittens a raw diet ( I do this because I feel it's best for their digestion and health), will feeding them cooked food be counterproductive...?

sorry, after re-reading the question it WAS a little unclear...
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no feeding cooked is not bad just make sure that the raw and cooked are feed seperated by about 8 hours
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o good... that's what I wanted to know. If it would upset their tummies now that they're used to the raw.

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