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Cat with F.L.U.T.D. & Mega Colon advise PLZ

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I adopted my boy cat last Aug. and he is now 4 yrs. he turned out to be someone we knews cat from the shelter. Anyways so unlike most situations he actually had medical records and we still use the same vet he had before going to the shelter for 9months.

He was healthy before going in there, but after we adopted him we found out he has F.L.U.T.D. and we switched foods he was unblocked and we bought a cat fountain. He eats science diet dry
"natures best chicken" and wet indoor chicken.

he has went from 11 lbs. to 19 lbs. in a yr. ?
he just was hospitalized for mega colon? he seems to be acting fine but his bowels will not move barely and so he is nibbling on his food and barely drinking. He is ranging 2 urinations a day now and if I'm lucky a pebble. They told me to try pumkin, but after putting it in his food he barely touches it and then he acts tired. I was wondering if there is another way to promote bowel movement. They're not sure if he is diabetic ...at the ER his sugar was 208
The ER and vet appointment costed 750.00 and we're in a bind because my husband is off work needing possible back surgery so I can't keep taking him back to the vet. Its killing me because in my eyes he is like one of my children. Any advise? Sorry its so long **

Sincerely, Tina
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The canned pumpkin is for adding fiber to his food. You could try another form of fiber, like Benefiber or unflavored Metamucil? Also, you may want to try canned food as the extra moisture might help both conditions.
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is an oversized colon. It can get twisted and if not taken care of he can die. This is very serious. Please be very careful. He may need surgery.
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Thankyou... He is already on can food and alittle dry. He likes the dry but as long as he isn't having bowel movements I can only give a little. I'm worried about him not touching his fountain now. He is averaging 2 urinations a day. I'm going to try the metamutual tomorrow. The vet told me to stop trying his amoxi tonight, because he fights and then he violently throws it up. I'm trying everything, but running out of options because were broke
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