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This is going to sound silly...

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but what does purring sound like? I'm a first time cat owner and have a beautiful kitty who makes strange 'motor' like noises whenever we pet her. It sounds like something vibrating in her! It's not loud but noticeable when I put my ear close to her. Is that purring? I'm just a little worried that it's abnormal. Any advise?
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Yup that is purring. I call my Kahu a Hemi motor because he is so loud! Enjoy the purring!
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Awww. . .that is sooo sweet. . .yes that is purring. I love putting my ear to my kitties fur and hearing that sound.
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There's nothing more soothing than a kitty purring in happiness.

Cat trivia for you: a cat's purr is the same "rpm" as a diesel engine. Now you know why it sounds so much like a motor.
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I also heard that purring can also mean they're nervous
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I don't think she's nervous... she just stretches out and lets me pet her. She loves lying next to me when I'm laying flat on the couch. She sometimes even proceeds to sleep! My fiance and I are completely in love with her and I think we are spoiling her a little. She has her own room at the covered back balcony which has really good ventilation and is a room with a view. She also has one of those cat condos as a scratching post and a fluffy cotton bed where she can sleep. And everyday we've been adding new toys for her.

When we are home, we let her out to play in the living room and the front balcony where she can watch birds flying in the air. Luckily the brick wall is high and thick so she can't jump over it. We live in a 3-storey walk up apartment and we are on the third floor. She loves playing with coloured yarn and that can keep her entertained for ages. She also likes rubbing against us when we are watching tv. I've even taught her a neat trick... when I bring her treats out, she would put both fore paws on my lap and eagerly await the smelly treat. Everytime she wants one, she will place her paws on my lap.

We are thinking of getting her a companion after she's spayed. We've already booked a vet appointment 2 months' in advance. She's currently 3 months old and my vet (who's great with cats) advised me that 5 - 7 months would be an ideal time to spay. I'm lucky to have this vet as he's a huge cat person. She was not even stressed when I took her in for a check-up because he handled her wonderfully.

I used to run a small guinea pig rescue and initially had 2 piggies who were waiting to be rehomed. Managed to find them a good family household few days back and gave them the habitats, supplies and books for basic piggy care. I personally screen and interview the potential owners each time. The piggies normally come to me when people tire of them or if they are mistreated at crummy petshops. It's really sad but better than just chucking them aside or leaving them at a petstore. I've been working together with my vet for 2 years on educating the public about piggies. But I don't think I'll be accepting any more (unless in dire circumstances) because I have to juggle work as well. I've always been interested in cats (partially due to my vet's influence) but never had them due to the pigs. Now, that my home is pig-free, I can afford to spend more time on cats

We've named our cat Pixie.
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My fiance and I are completely in love with her and I think we are spoiling her a little
You can never spoil a cat!!! They require all the extra attention.

Pixie sounds like a real charmer. Glad to meet you and hope to hear more from you!

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Awww sounds like you guys are great kitty parents!

Cats purr differently too. There is the standard purr that's the vibrating hum sort, but my cat Poppy sounds like a dove cooing when she purrs!! It's soo funny! She has a low regular purr and coos at the same time!

Congrats on your new addition!
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Oh I love the cooing purr. Ed and Coco do this when they are especially snuggly and happy. I like to think they are singing to me.
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A cat purr is SO relaxing, isn't it?

Sometimes you can hear my cat purr from across the room! Like maybe my husband is petting him on the other side of the kitchen, I'll hear him purr! It's so funny!
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