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Stitch was a rescue at a week old and was hand fed and brought up in a pet store, but her socialization with humans is terrible, we cant hold her and she really doesnt like to be petted [unless it is 3:30 am] but she is devoted to me she follows me around the house and is always talking to me. when we brought her home she bonded with my older female cats a mother and daughter pair and the love stich as much as she loves them. my question is stitch is almost 3 weeks away from having her kittens and I cant get my older cats to stay out of the nest I made for stitch, tho it is cute to see all 3 of them in this cuddle ball I am worried that stitch is going to tolerate them once the kittens, should I start now keeping them away from stitch and her box? or just leave things the way they are.
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We went through the whole cat pregnancy & delivery so we know what you are going through...

We made several nesting boxes for our girly Spooky & all the other cats went in them anyway. You can't really stop that from happening. Spooky never used the nesting boxes, she gave birth on one of our blankets. Unfortunately she is going to have her kittens wherever she wants.

You could just leave it be or you could put her & the nesting box in an extra room if you have one when she is almost ready to give birth. If that isn't possible, just let everything be unless it starts getting overwelming for Stitch. Usually the other cats won't go very close to her after she has the babies. Everything should be okay as is

Update us all on whats happening with Stitch!
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