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Distemper Vaccination?

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Hi everyone,

I know this topic has been covered before, and I've been reading through those threads, but I have a special situation. Bailey is 12 years old now, and she's due for her "annual" distemper shot. She is an only cat and never ever goes outside. I know there's a lot of speculation regarding whether or not cats need to be vaccinated every year, and as Bailey gets older, I'm getting more paranoid about the risks involved with certain procedures. Here's the situation: Bailey had distemper as a kitten and was literally hours away from being put down. She recovered, and she has been getting fairly regular distemper vaccinations ever since (I say fairly regular b/c her previous owner only had her vaccinated a few times before I adopted her 4 years ago). My questions are:

1. What are your opinions on how often she should be vaccinated for distemper?
2. Does anyone know if the fact that she had it as a kitten would increase or decrease her risk?
3. How often do you vaccinate your senior kitties?
4. Do you request that the vaccine be administered in a specific place (hip vs. shoulder)?

I know this is something that I should discuss with her vet (and I plan to), but I like to gather as much information as possible beforehand so that I go into the discussion having at least some idea of what I'm talking about

Thanks everyone!
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If she survived it as a kitten she should be immune to it and not need the vax.

If a cat survives the disease, it is immune to reinfection for life.
From: http://www.pets.ca/encyclopedia/feline_distemper.htm

Personally, we have been doing the 3 year cycle for distemper shots. But Nabu and Raven are 10 yrs. Raven has cancer so I am not doing more vaccinations. Nabu I am doing a booster for distemper this year. He'd be due again when he's 13, but I'm not sure if we'll do a booster then. It will depend on his health at that time.
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That's interesting... I would think her vet should've caught that. He wasn't the one who treated her, but he is aware that she had it and he has the medical records from her previous vet. Hmmm... Thanks for the info! I'll have to mention that to him.
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