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A Mystery to Me - Any Ideas?

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I don't know if you all remember, but about two weeks ago I did my first TNR. There were 3 young cats, one black, two tabbies that I fed for about 2 months. Every day and night they were on my back patio and stayed in the yard pretty much the entire day (except the black cat; he seemed to wonder off quite a bit). In any event, the two tabbies were ALWAYS together. When I trapped them, I only had one trap and the first day I trapped one tabby and the black one. I took them to the clinic and then two days later I trapped the other Tabby (the smaller of the two). When the first two came home the Black cat ran off and the Tabby pretty much hung around the patio (maybe waiting for the other Tabby?). About two days later I brought the second Tabby home.

Everthing seemed to be back to normal and the 3 cats either hung around, or showed up when I called them and shook their food container when it was time to eat. About two days later, we were sitting in our back yard and all three of the cats were there. All of a sudden this animal (don't know exactly what it was because it was almost dark and we could not tell if it was a Bob Cat, Fox or what) ran through my yard and appeared to be after the cats. The cats scurried off like their life depended on it, then we heard this blood curdeling meow. The little Tabby ran up a tree, the other Tabby ran across the yard and the black cat left totally. If memory serves me correct we saw the two tabbies that night and they were ok but in any event all 3 cats were back the next morning for their food. That evening, none of them showed up. The next morning the larger Tabby showed up for breakfast by himself. He only stayed a short time and left. We have not seen any of them since.

I would love some input from anyone who has dealt with ferals. I have no experience so I'm not sure what to make of this. We sure got attached to those 3 for the past couple months. Even though they wouldn't let us near them, we still became attached.
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`Oh my goodness, I hope that someone can give you some good advice here!
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We hope they are okay wherever they are & that they are safe
Hope someone can help you- sorry we couldn't help more.
Update us all on if any of the cats came back!
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My guess they being scared almost to death dont feel secure & safe at yours any more, and thus leaved trying to find a more safe place...
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