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It must be kitty racing time.

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As I was sitting here checking things out on the site, two of my kitties have been playing race time.

Well this is a funny site as it is because on of them is 9 years old and 25 pounder, the other is a sleek black beauty that he adores as it reminds him of his lost love.

That in itself is funny to see them racing back and forth through the house (no carpet so sliding of course is part of the fun)

Then all of a sudden I see two blurrs coming around the corner and Stormy (the 25 pounder) leaps up into the chair I'm sitting in and on to the back of it.

I thought for sure I was going to get it in the chest and the chair was going to go over backwards. LOL

Now both of them are napping. Just so funny to see this fat boy run, but I'm glad that she keeps him active.
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It's great that Stormy is racing -- although I'm sure he's a very handsome fella, 25 pounds is a very large size for a cat! and exercise sure can't hurt...Funny, a dear friend of mine's largest male is named Stormy, too; he tips the scales at somewhere around 33 pounds!

Your site is wonderful, btw -- THANK YOU for putting your love for cats into action to help them!
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We always have kitty races going on - helps that we have a cat highway around the ceiling. It makes us laugh so much when they chase each other around & around & around again After all that exercise, all the cats take a nice long nap after a good race

We seen your website! Its wonderful how you are trying to help out cats! Good job!
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It was that way yesterday w/ my cats - all running around like a bunch of looneys!

Thanks for the link to your website! I saved it in my favorites folder, and I'll definitely be checking it out! We have a bunch of strays that we've been feeding, and the momma cat just had another batch of babies! Something has to be done, before things get really out of hand..

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OMg, my two 5 1/2 month old kittens race around like they snuffed catnip when it's late at night and we're not in bed. They also do that when 'daddy' gets home.
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Yeah, I had to take Stormy to the vet a few years back because he just looked like he wasn't doing well and had lost weight.

The vet said "he's lost weight??? He's 20 pounds!" Then as he checked over Stormy he was amazed that he was muscle not fat.

When the vet checked his little (ok not so little) cheeks, he told me he was surprised that they were all muscle, he expected them to be fat.

He doesn't have the big jowls like that any longer since he's an inside kitty now.

He is soooooo wonderful with any babies that come into the house. I just have to tell him it's a baby and needs to take care of them, he goes to work giving them all baths!

He was my first rescue and bottle baby, so everything I do is in his honor.

Thank you for the good things about my website! It was a general home making site but I changed it the first of this month. I just couldn't stand by and let so much information out there not be available in one place to find it.

I still have a ton of work to go on it and it does focus mainly on just my area but I'm willing to find information for any area if I can.

TCS is one of the sites that I'll have a link to when I get my links section up and running. I love you guys and tell everyone to check it out. Most of the time it's "have you seen The Cat Site yet?" LOL
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The cats do their kitty racing every morning after breakfast. I just make sure I'm not in the way lol.
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We have a pretty open floorplan so they can go through the kitchen/dining area into the livingroom and around again like a little race track.

Usually though they also head down to jump in the tub and then back out again for another lap. LOL

And we can't forget up and over the couch or chairs and across us when we are sitting in them.
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