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Are your cats well mannered?

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I have 2 cats, Chynna who is 15 years old and Abby who is 9 years old. Their manners are as different as night and day!

Abby is very polite. When she wants attention and Chynna is in the office chair, she will sit on the floor and look at me waiting for me to lean back so she can jump up onto me. If she is in the office chair beside me, she will put her paw lightly on my leg and either tap me or hold it there for a few seconds and either look at me or give me a soft meow several seconds later if I don't acknowledge her. If I'm eating something that smells good to her, she will lay close and purrr, but she won't make an attempt to get into my food until I move the food closer to her or offer her my spoon. If I'm paying attention to Chynna (IE: Brushing), Abby comes up and rubs against my leg, but doesn't try to chase Chynna off or get into the mix.

Chynna on the other hand!!! She is the rudest cat I've ever encountered. She has taken to "shouting" at me when she wants to be picked up; when she wants to wake me up; when she wants her wet food; and her wet food is not good enough for her anymore she taps and paws and shouts to get at whatever I'm eating. I can push her away, block her access, tell her "No!", move her and her behaviour just gets more insistent. If I'm paying any attention to Abby and Chynna notices, she's right in there trying to hog the attention and trying to chase Abby away.

Don't get me wrong, I love Chynna to pieces, but sometimes she just taxes my nerves. She knows no boundaries or limits and I know it's my fault that she's like this. I'm going to have to start being more firm with her and start saying "No!" more often instead of letting the little imp get her way all of the time.

How are your cats in the manner department?
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cats well mannered

Ahem, sorry 'bout that. Now that that's out of my system. My cats aren't too rude except at feeding time. Then they're yelling at me and slapping each other LOL. I only have one jealous one who jumps in my lap when I'm paying "too much" attention to somebody else.
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Yep, I have noticed the same thing with my crew.

Snickers is very polite. She gets what she wants cause she asks so nicely for things.
Tosh on the other hand is loud and rude. He meows uncontrollably until he gets what he wants. He will swipe at me if he is unhappy about something. I love him dearly but he is VERY pushy.
Oreo is pretty good as well. She doesn't meow though she sits and stares at you and then when she has your attention she will run to whatever she is wanting. Our if she is wanting on the chair with you, I have to actually look at her and pat myself or the chair and invite her up before she comes up.
Jazz...well he is the new guy and he plays the "poor me" card very well. He is down right pitiful.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
How are your cats in the manner department?

OMG, that is too funny. My cats are BRATS.

Although Raven is known as "the good kitty." He won't try to stick his face in your plate of food. He will watch with intensity from 2 feet away. The other 2 will stick their face in your plate at the first opportunity (except at the table--but mostly we eat on the couch). Stimpy actually took a bit of my sub when I looked away one day. Nabu and Stimpy are "cuddle blockers." They do it to each other, if one is being cuddled. And Nabu has daily cupboard checks (think banging) and howling just for fun (no, he's healthy--done it since he was 2!)

They still enjoy knocking things over to prove gravity still works. Much to their chagrine, I've had breakables packed away for several years.
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Um... well.... Scratch Fury, and Dr D Claw are wonderful. 8-Bit is a brat that will do anything, short of setting himself on fire, to get attention. We've fixed the problem by giving him a good pet down as soon as the person comes over.
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well, for the most part, my cats are very well-mannered. I don't have many "rules" but the rules I do have I strongly enforce. Number one rule is no getting up by Meowmy when she is eating. I also usuallly eat at the couch, or lately, at the puter, and amazingly enough, all my cats have learned this rule rather quickly....except for Electra and I don't think the neurons are firing in her little brain so I forgive her all I do is continuosly pick them up and put them down away from my food, and say a firm "no" I've had to do this 10 plus times with some kitties, others catch on fast. Number 2 rule ok, i don't have a number 2 rule

Gaia is my brattiest cat though, she gets mad if I don't pay attention to her and will knock stuff down on purpose...I swear! she also will push someone out of the way if she decides it is time to pet her Demeter is like this to a certain degree also, except she just sits on whoever is where she wants to be the rest really get along with each other 99% of the time.
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All of them have manners except Spici, manners don't exist in her little kitty world.

Spici has all the cattitude in the house for everyone. She is a beautiful cat with a model purrsonality. She does what she wants when she wants or at least she tries anyway She may look sweet but shes a spaz. Thats why her name is Spici, you never know which spice she'll be!
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Sibohan used to be very quiet and well mannered but since we lost Duke she has taken it upon herself to develop into a real pain in the rear. she Meow all the time for attention mostly from other rooms of the house because she can't find me. she is an utter pest around dinner time or when I am making my lunch in the evening. She winds herself around my ankles and bellows at me because she thinks she should get some of whatever I am having. she also has the anoying habbit of knocking things off the dresser in the middle of the night to make me wake up becaus she thinks she is being ignored... I have tried to explain the concept of "meowmy is sleeping" to her but she seems oblivious!
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I would have to say for the most part Levi & Maggie are preety good. Although Levi has taken to meowing quite loudly to be picked up. Isacc's only bad habbit is that he tries to steer me towards the kitchen if it's time for a meal. He will lean his whole body into my legs in the hope that I will go the direction he wants. I guess once in a while when he's really being naughty he'll try to knock a chip out of my hand with his paw.

Now Jordan that's a differnt story. He's been better since he's been sick but he really doesn't know what manners are. He used to knock things over to get my attention. He would even knock pictures off the wall. He'd go in all the cabinets. If I was eating he used to put his paw on my plate & try to tip it toward him so he could get some. Sometimes he'd reach up & just grab something off the plate. The really bad thing he still does is that if I'm not sharing (especially cheese) he will use his mouth to try to snatch it out of my hand. One day he even bit me in the mouth trying to steel a piece of beef jerky from me.
It used to drive me crazy, but I'd love for him to do all those things again because it would mean he was feeling better.

I know you love your cat, but take it from someone who knows treasure every moment even the naughty ones. There are never enough of them.
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Calamity is definatly not well mannered. She slaps,hisses and bites when I do something she doesnt like. She didnt get this way until AFTER she was spayed or I probably would never have adopted her. She was really sweet before that. When shes in the mood to be sweet she jumps right on up and wont get off you until she's done. Head butting and licking and rubbing all over my face. She also takes food right out of my hand if Im not holding onto it well.

Skye is the best cat ever! She is very well behaved and even people who hate cats love her. She's very gentle and calm most of the time. Once she realized she was never going to be without food again she stopped stealing food from me. Now she lays quitey beside me when I eat and gently takes whatever I happen to give her.

Sundance is a good boy for the most part. But he does demand attention like his mom.

KoKo is PITA he bites (I think its cause hes declawed), gets into everything, steals food and slaps anyone he doesnt know.

The rest of the kittens are all pretty well behaved.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
I know you love your cat, but take it from someone who knows treasure every moment even the naughty ones. There are never enough of them.
Oh I do! I love them so much, even Chynna when she's being so pushy and rude!
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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
cats well mannered

Seriously, mine are all pretty well behaved - with the exception of Geronimo: he's definitely the little devil of the bunch! His name used to be Lucifer - named by the peeps at the vet's office where I adopted him from. My s/o was just aghast when I decided to choose him over the other kittens! I keep telling him Geronimo isn't evil - he just has issues. He really isn't all that bad though, anymore. He HAS learnt some manners: most of the time, when he's naughty and I have to put him in his place, he just gives me one of his "looks".

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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post

They still enjoy knocking things over to prove gravity still works. Much to their chagrine, I've had breakables packed away for several years.
I learned a long time ago to keep the fragile stuff well out of their reach! Having cats is worse than having kids: you gotta child-proof your house.

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Tiger will 'ask' to get on your lap by meowing or pawing at you while Angel will sit on your feet.
Tiger likes to jump on your lap, fart and take off while Angel likes to randomly pounce you out of nowhere.
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I usually eat on the couch with a tv tray and Riley is very well mannered when I'm doing that. However, if I eat at the computer or anywhere else he's all over me, trying to get into my plate. I guess he thinks its ok if I'm not in my "usual" spot

He doesn't get on the kitchen counters but he does bite my legs while I'm fixing his dinner if I'm not quick enough.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
I know you love your cat, but take it from someone who knows treasure every moment even the naughty ones. There are never enough of them.
Some of the naughty ones are the most memorable. I love that my cats are brats. I told DH that I pick them based on "brat potential."
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Boomer is polite and waits, but as soon as he realises you are feeding him / getting whatever he has been patiently waiting for he gets excited and doesn't shut up until he gets it.

Magnum whines for food, but will generally just paw at you for attention or anything else

Bumper and Autumn cry for no reason and when they want something so you can never really tell

Scully just headbutts you

that would make them all not so well mannered
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
Some of the naughty ones are the most memorable. I love that my cats are brats. I told DH that I pick them based on "brat potential."
I used to get made at Jordan when he was naughty. Now I just smile because I can appreciate him for who he is which is a very smart but naughty guy. It took me a long time to stop feeling bad for all the time I wasted being mad at him instead of just loving him. I think I'm just feeling a little sensitive today about the potential of losing him. I sure do love his naughty little butt.
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I guess I would have to say that Sassy is pretty well behaved. He is friendly, doesn't steal food, and only occasionally smacks Linus when he thinks Linus is being to bratty. He is never ever very far away from me when I am home..He sits beside me on the couch, or on my desk or in his basket under my desk. If he wants my attention he will make a little squeaky meow or pat me with his paw. And as long as I acknowledge this he is a happy boy.

Linus is just loaded with brattitude....he thinks he's super cat and can do anything and everything he wants. We have had discussion to the contrary but he is sure he'll have me convince soon...
He is a wonderful loving little guy though and I always think about the fact he was only days away from being put down when I adopted him.
I can't imagine the world Linus less so no matter what mischief he gets into I always remind myself I like him more then anything I have that he might destroy.
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My cat, Ryan, is well behaved but my sister's cat, Ria, is a brat.
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My three are well mannered, but Rosie has to sniff peoples feet and make that phleming face that cats do which makes it look like their feet stink
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Let's face it...when DOESN'T Rosie make a face
She's such a little cutie pie
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Tiger likes to jump on your lap, fart and take off while Angel likes to randomly pounce you out of nowhere.
This is Duke... He has the WORST gas
Bo has to be the rudest though. He will stick his face in ANYTHING

The other's are behaved for the most part.

Especially Tonka.. He'd assume walk away from you then deal with someone.
He has this regal...... no...... snotty attitude like he's too good for anyone
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*kitty*, "what are these... man-ners...?"

haha, Bea has none. She's rude, mean, crabby, bossy, you name it.
she hisses at the kitties, or you for that matter if you try to pet her while they're around. She's snobby, will only sit on certain furniture or blankets, go into certain rooms and eat certain foods. She's bossy! she will yell at you to fill her bowl and open the door!

the kittens on the other hand are pretty good. Berach is a pig and will get at any food he can but he's learning quickly thanks to the spray bottle. Chloe is the sweetest most polite kitten ever! She'll even quietly step aside if Berach decides he wants to eat her food or treats...
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
Some of the naughty ones are the most memorable. I love that my cats are brats. I told DH that I pick them based on "brat potential."

That's exactly the reason WHY I chose Geronimo! I just knew he was gonna be a "brat" - he had that look in his eyes! But that's part of his charm. There's never a dull moment w/ him in the house!

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Mine is a spoiled rotten brat. . . When she want to eat in the morning she will jump up on my bed, and stare, then go bounding down the hall sounding like a stampede, into the kitchen. Then back down the hall and onto the bed, untill I get up and feed her. . . oh and if i have been busy she will follow me around the house biting my ankles till i pay attention to her. Brat. . .
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Hennessy... is a brat. Well, he is a cat, after all. He demands pets, often.
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Lucy has no manners. In fact, she's given up on even pretending to be sweet when she's begging for food. She swats my legs when I get out of bed and walk down the hall to feed her. She has even gone so far as to bite my ankles. Some mornings, it takes everything in me not to just go to work and let her starve. She's spoiled rotten.

Connie is the poster child for charm school and manners. Her version of begging is assuming a statuesque pose in the general area of the food bowls. Not even a peep from the Meezer girl. She just sits very tall and still. It's good for snapping a few pictures. She is very polite about everything. She will stare you down if you eat human food she wants. She doesn't get in your face, though. I sometimes think this sweet little kitty is made of sugar. She doesn't have a mean or spoiled bone in her body.

Lucy is a fitting name...I can pretend it's short for Lucifer. She has become a holy terror.
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Here is the break down..

Gizmo is well mannered. She does not beg for food. She only wants pets now and then. She does not get into any type of trouble. She is the alpha female who sets a good example.

Zagnut is well mannered. She does get pushy when it comes to wanting to be petted but other than that she pretty much does her own thing. She never begs for food and does not get on the counters.

Igore is well mannered. He does demand pets though and he sometime will continue a disagreement between two cats that had nothing to do with him. i.e if Uno chases Zagnut under the table and then walks away Igore will then continue to hound Zagnut until I tell him to leave her alone or shoo him away.

Moochie is the well mannered. In fact he is a complete angel. He never begs for food. He never bothers the other cats even when he is provoked. He does like his pets but understands when you are busy.

Button is well mannered. She will bother my daughter for food when she is eating at the computer but she never bothers me or Greg. She stays out of every ones way and just wants to hang out with my daughter. She never starts fights. She never gets on the counter.

Bob is very mannered. He does have a mouth on him and he is not afraid to use it. If he does not like something or he wants something you will hear about it. He loves his pets and is relentless at getting them.

Penelope is a sweetheart. She never begs for food or gets on the counter. Her biggest issue is her dislike for everyone but me. She will moan and hiss at any other cat or person that gets to close to her

Beastie Bear is not well mannered. He is the only cat we give wet food to and he is a pain in the butt to try and feed. He knows he gets his pouch every morning. He will moan and meow. Jump on the counter and on to the pantry cabinet and back and forth and back and forth meowing the entire time. I can hardly get the food out of the pouch because he is already trying to eat it.

He will also lash out and slap you with a paw or bite your ankle if you try to move him to the side to get out of the way of a closing fridge door or cupboard door. He also likes to hassle some of the other cats and when he gets it in his mind it is hard to deter him from it. He is mommas Beastie Bear and I love him even if he is $&*${&@($*@#!!!.
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Mittens is well-mannered for the most part EXCEPT when she grooms her bottom area while we are having dinner all the time. She waits till dinner time to do her grooming for the main purpose of hearing my DK's comments.

Cassy is well-mannered, I have no complaints about her, she listens and learns if there is a problem.
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